The dead bodies of Dresden were stacked in huge piles and cremated before mass disease could set in.

4 DAYS OF MURDEROUS ALLIED BOMBINGS in 1945 over DRESDEN: February 13th, February 15th, March 15th, April 17th.


By February of 1945, the outcome of the war in Europe is already determined. Germany is finished and will formerly surrender within 3 months.

The murderous firebombing of the beautiful city of Dresden is as cruel as it is unnecessary.

In an apparent effort to mock Catholic Germans, the Zio-Globalists chose the day of “Ash Wednesday” to turn the beautiful and historic city of Dresden into ashes!

Wave after wave of mainly UK [Editor’s Note: UK Bombers performed 800 air sorties in 3 days, while USAF did about 900] , but also US, air sorties drop incendiary bombs for two days.

Thousands of fires merge into one huge firestorm, sucking oxygen to feed itself as countless numbers of German elderly, women, and children suffocate or burn alive.

The fire is so massive that pilots report that their cockpits are actually illuminated by the great light.

Because so many refugees fleeing eastward have swelled Dresden’s population, it is difficult to say how many are killed by the Churchill/FDR “Holocaust”. Credible estimates vary between 200,000-300,000 dead, with some claims that the total may have been as many as 400,000 killed.

[Editor’s Note: Dresden was a city of 600 000 inhabitants at the time, plus 750 000 civilians German refugees, who were fleeing the Russian army, that were camping in the city’s parks outside when the Bombing occurred.]

Women, Children, and Elderly were charbroiled Alive !

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