Hezbollah leader warns Israel against future aggression

The Secretary-General of Lebanese Resistance Movment of Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah (file photo)

Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the Lebanese resistance movement will defend the country against any possible attack by israel.

“I warn israelis, resistance will not be silent in case of aggression,” Nasrallah said Saturday during a speech marking the anniversary of martyred Hezbollah figures.

Nasrallah denied speculation that Hezbollah has become weak and said the resistance movement is prepared more than ever.

“Lebanon’s resistance movement is fully prepared and ready,” he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Hezbollah secretary-general also stressed that resistance is the only choice for Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli occupation.

“israel is the greatest danger for Palestine and the region,” Nasrallah added.

He said Hezbollah would continue to support Palestinians in order for them to achieve their rights.

The israeli military frequently carries out airstrikes and other attacks on the Gaza Strip, saying actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, in violation of international law, disproportionate force is always used and civilians are often killed or injured.

The attacks rage on while israel keeps up its crippling blockade on Gaza, which it imposed on the enclave in 2007.

Source: Press TV

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