Assad: Erdogan Hasn’t Said Single Word of Truth Since Crisis Beginning

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad slammed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stating that he was not honest regarding the stance from the ongoing crisis.

“Erdogan hasn’t said any single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis,” President Assad said in remarks to Turkish Ulusal TV station And Aydinlik Newspaper.

The Syrian leader also praised the martyr scholar, Sheikh Mohamad Said Ramadan al-Bouti, saying he “was an essential figure in thwarting the plot aiming to inflict a sectarian strife in Syria.”

“For that they assassinated Dr. Bouti, and two days ago they assassinated another cleric in Aleppo, and they assassinated a number of scholars before,” President Assad told the Turkish television and daily, in an interview that will be published on Friday.

Source: Al Manar

2 comments on “Assad: Erdogan Hasn’t Said Single Word of Truth Since Crisis Beginning

  1. If the mainstream news-media abandoned control by the Military-Industrial Complex, they would return to the objectives in the courses they studied, to be journalists. Then, the populations would be properly informed, and would rise up against the ZIONISTS’ U.S. Foreign-Policy.

    Reuters, BBC and the Associated-Press are the main terrorist-media problems responsible for lying to the populations. They are legitimate targets.

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