US to dispatch 200 troops to Jordan-Syria border

The United States is to send 200 troops to Jordan in the coming weeks for military operations along Syrian border.

A Jordanian minister announced the move on Wednesday.

“They will be arriving in the next few weeks…to increase the level of preparedness and defense capabilities of the kingdom in light of the continued deterioration in the Syrian situation,” Mohammad al-Momani, Minister of State for Information, told Reuters.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington that the move aimed at “boosting defenses” over the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Hagel said the deployment would include specialists in intelligence, logistics and operations.

On March 22, US President Barack Obama and Jordanian ruler King Abdullah II agreed to stand united against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is fighting foreign-sponsored militants.

Obama promised military aid for the Syrian opposition, saying the US “will provide resources, training and capacity for the Syrian opposition.”

The US president also pledged 200 million dollars to King Abdullah to deal with Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Source: Al Manar

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