About the israeli attack on Damascus

Collection of tweets regarding the illegal attack carried out by israel on Damascus:

– Syria making israel & the West crazy by spreading true & wrong info. 300 deads, 150 deads…

– Don’t trust a minute that strategic weapons were destroyed by israeli attack. Syria knows zionists too well to have let it happen.

– Of course there are traitors in the Syrian army that sell info to israel. But there are also lots of “fake traitors” selling wrong info.

– Syria always delivered weapons to Hezbollah & Palestine at highest moments of war & israel couldn’t prevent it. israel is weak. So don’t trust a minute that israel could have destroyed strategic weapons and missiles.

You will know when Syria & Hezbollah decide to strike back when you hear israel has vanished from the map.

– Syrias retaliation must be carried out at the best moment to make sure to cause major chaos to the zionists. Syria will act in cold blood.

– When israel launched its AIR attack rats on the ground tried to carry out major push inside Damascus. Operation FAILED. Syria

– Don’t think only the west & zionist entity know how to play with info & use it as psychological war weapon. Syria & Iran are great at it

– israeli attack caused major death on CHICKEN population in the farms. No strategic weapon lost. Probably nuclear chicken ?…. (See below video)

To be continued…

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