Al-Qusayr Battle Continues, Syrian Army in Control

Clashes between the Syrian Army and militants continued in Al-Qusayr on Monday, after fierce battles on Sunday killed large numbers of militants and helped the Syrian Army regain control over most of the town.

Al-Manar correspondent in Syria reported that the Syrian Army had killed large numbers and captured dozens of militants, while the rest escaped.

In parallel, Syrian News Agency SANA reported the “Army restored security and stability to most of Al-Qusayr city neighborhoods in Homs countryside and eliminated large numbers of terrorists, most of them non-Syrians.”

The news agency quoted a military source as saying that “dozens of terrorists laid down their weapons and surrendered to the army.”

“Among the killed terrorists were Nawaf Alwani, leader of a terrorist group affiliated to Al-Nusra Front,” SANA added, indicating that the Army had also “destroyed large numbers of tunnels used by terrorists to carry out operations and hide their weapons.”

Source: Al Manar

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