4 comments on “NSA spying will be Obama’s Watergate

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  2. God dame America, it weapons and it allies and terrorists!. Franciscan monks-beheaded-in-syria. They were of the Franciscan convent of Ghassanieh, Syria, the three men beheaded by the Front to Nusra Front, after a summary trial in which they were accused of “being in the pay of the regime.” This was revealed by Radio France International, which broadcasts the video of the group of jihadists who shows the execution. The story, however, had begun a few days ago when Father Pizzaballa, custodian of the Holy Land, bringing the words of its regional minister of Syria, father Halim Noujaim, had claimed the presence of a group of rebels who, by force, had entered the convent of Ghassanieh. The religious building was looted and destroyed appeared in the press and also the name of his father Francois, a hermit who had sought refuge in a Catholic convent community and who was killed during the attack of the rebels. Now would seem rather different news reported today by the French radio that has spread the news of the kidnapping by the jihadists of three religious, including father Francois (Francis Mourad), which was made a summary trial, after that of an agenda of one of the monks had been found the phone number of a soldier, and then perform the execution. The religious were also accused of having favored the trafficking of arms and ammunition on behalf of the regime.

    Where is liberty when World citycens condemn america and imperial goverment of USA for invaders and terrorism in Siria, Libia, Afganistam, Irak, Granada, Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam, Oregon indian lands….
    World citycens condemn America for existing.
    Where is the liberty of the invaded countries, bodies of the men, women and childs they killed…
    Nasty shit, soldiers, dogs of an imperial interest, they killed and died for nothing, now they are nothing…

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