US Syria policy insult to common sense


“Never send for who the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” …John Donne, in 1624


America’s incompetent foreign policy was cranked up a notch this week by the pitiful display of using a massacre of civilians, obviously killed by the FSA, in a last ditch attempt to trigger a US intervention.

Despite the disintegrating state of the FSA rebels the Obama administration seemed like it is doubling down on a bad bet. Why… only God could know. We at Veterans Today cannot find a soul in the military or civilian Intel community that we know who can even imagine what benefit the administration seeks by driving our Syria foreign policy over the cliff.

We are hearing a phrase never really used before when describing the current policy as one that is a “national security risk to the US in itself.” While there had been a breath of sanity when Obama held up on the transfer of heavy weapons to the rebels, after strong warnings from the military, the cheap manipulation of this gas attack is reminiscent of halfwit John McCain’s ‘Bomb, bomb Iran’ remark.

Where McCain was just an airhead, this current psyops is premeditated, as shown by the mixed signals. Obama says no attack without UN support, and absent that a ‘strong coalition’ would be problematic to put together.

I guess that would exclude Italy whose foreign minister urged those pushing for air strikes to “rethink their decision a 1000 times.” That is a nice way of saying ‘You people must be crazy!’

But maybe crazy like a fox a suspicious Jim Dean is beginning to wonder. Are they trying to torpedo the Geneva convention with a military intervention? Have they promised the FSA, who does not want to attend Geneva in a weak position, that the US will do a ‘little bombing’ to entice them?

Are the US and Israelis trying to bait the Iranians to come in so they can derail the very careful distance that the Iranians have maintained from the conflict? But that may be changing with today’s report of their framing a US attack on Syria as crossing ‘red line’ for them. What could that mean?

I have an evolving theory as to the hidden motives but some background would be in order to explain it. We don’t know the actual date, nor do we have a leaked transcript, but we can confirm conclusively that a major mid course correction was made in America’s aggressive foreign policy to focus on using foreign proxy troops. And it was also launched with no public vetting whatsoever.

American military power and money was no longer going to be used directly as regime change tools in the Mideast. The Persian Gulf states would start picking up the major money tabs, and cannon fodder Arab combatants would be used as cheap throwaway troops as there is an endless supply of them.

War weary Americans could deal with America’s continuing aggression in search of its ‘interests’ as long as the taxpayers did not get the bill and plane loads of caskets did not come home on a conveyor belt. Our military would be used in a standoff capacity for training, logistics and supply and Intel.

We were not even treated to the usual preparation seeding on this new policy from an Israeli think tank paper like Project for a New American Century. It presented an aggressive foreign policy as a defensive one, where the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes was put on the table. Thus began the journey of taking us back into the time warp machine of George Orwell’s seminal book, 1984 …where up is down and bad is good.

The children’s book Alice in Wonderland has a perfect quote to describe it. “When I use a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less.”

In this case… “What our terrorist al-Nusra proxies do to innocent civilians in north Syria, that is treated as a non event to us. But if someone uses a chemical weapon in south Syria, we start talking military strikes before we have anything confirmed”. That folks, sounds pretty 1984ish to me, especially coming from the cradle of modern democracy. I wish it were just a bad joke.

George Sabra of the Syrian National Coalition has made his contribution to the 1984ish parade. He will go down in history as the Syrian Baghdad Bob for his hysterical claims of 1300 killed by the Syrian Army with no evidence to support it. I have to ask the international media why they print anything that this guy says. It is an embarrassment to the profession

The Israeli shills in Congress are disgracing the country by their calls for an attack on Syria without any pretense of due process of presenting some evidence or even considering UN involvement. It appears that some Congressmen are wanting to get a head-start on getting those Israel Lobby campaign donations.

Obama plays the good cop, then unknown administration leaks to media tell us that we really know that Assad used gas. This was then echoed in some European capitals, a dead giveaway that it is an organized psyops campaign.

Before this nerve gas attack there had been a growing shift in media with an increase in stories about the irony of the West now using terrorism as part of its military weapons mix. The Israeli-controlled media has never really confronted the administration to explain its silence on everyone’s knowing that our Persian Gulf allies were running the biggest terrorist organization on the planet now.

The Austrian daily derStandard has reported that Saudi Intelligence has orchestrated all the recent major prison breaks using military style attacks to release large numbers of hard core Jihadi fighters for the meat grinder in Syria. You can find $200 a month trigger pullers among the criminal dregs of the Mideast who will want to fight, but having leaders who know how to fight… you find them in prisons.

Once the recent gas attack happened the heavy news coverage on it pushed everything else off the front page. The White House is not on the media defense anymore, but offense. They are cruelly using these dead gas victims to try to gain the media initiative as everyone now hangs on what the American military may or may not be ordered do. It is a reckless policy and will go down in Obama’s grade book as such.

As al-Nusra is retreating they are doing a scorched earth policy of looting, raping and murdering non combatants. We had the video today of the black flag boys stopping some truck drivers so they could make their execution video for the day. Missing in the credits was “Made in America”, and we should add in Britain and France.

As I watched these poor men being shot in the back by the Takfiri coward, I also mourned for America’s reputation that was down there on its knees also getting shot in the back by people back home who claim we have ‘interests’ in the regions. Well, the al-Nusras seem to have interests there, too. We have aided and abetted them being there, which makes us responsible for all of their crimes.

When I watched John Kerry do his play acting about the horrible crime upon the gassing victims it made me sick to my stomach. He was just using them to advance American ‘interests.’ If he really cared he would have been pushing for armed drone attacks upon the Takfiris in the north.

America has been betrayed by those who pitched a War on Terror that turned into a War of Terror. And that Frankenstein is now on the loose.

The only way America can regain a fig leaf of honor here is to give the Persian Gulf states an ultimatum to stop their current terrorist operations or suffer the consequences, and then begin air operations against the real terrorists, including those that sent them.

But they will not do that… “for that bell tolls for thee.”


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