Syria claims victory over US war rhetoric


Syrian Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun

Syrian Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun has said the US should accept Syria’s victory in the recent dispute between Washington and Damascus.

The Mufti of Syria said in response to statements of US President Barack Obama at a White House press conference on Syria, “Obama backed off of his decision. He must admit the victory of Syria.”

Referring to the US president’s decision to seek congressional approval for an attack on Syria – meaning that if an attack is launched it will take place only after Congress returns from recess on September 9 and states its support – the Mufti added that Syria was winning “thanks to its leader, its people and its army, and this proved that the issue is not one of ethnic groups, but of homeland, which does not to yield to anyone except Allah.”

Deputy Syrian Prime Minister Qadri Jamil also responded to the developments saying, “The Syrian army’s readiness is what warded off US aggression against Syria,” following US President Barack Obama’s decision to postpone the attack.

He added that the government is in a state of permanent alert and ready to respond to any aggression against the Syrian people.

According to Jamil, the Syrian government does not need chemical weapons and the Syrian people desire real change without external intervention.

Meanwhile, a member of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) warned that following Obama’s announcement, “If there is a postponement of (military) action, it will be an insult to the West in general and the US specifically.”

International debate is raging on fact-finding about an alleged chemical attack in Syria which US is using as pretext to bomb the Arab country.

The US has failed to provide evidence of its accusations against Syria while international condemnation grows against its military ambitions.

The US claims come as Syria has already provided UN with evidences on at least three chemical attacks carried out by US-backed militants near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Source: Alalam

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