Where’s Putin? Ask Bobby Fischer

The late great Chess Grand Master


By Mike King, tomatobubble

Over the past several weeks, your humble webmaster has received numerous E-mails from readers concerned over puppet Kiev’s heavy hand in pro Russian Eastern Ukraine and, more specifically, the seeming inaction and timidity of Vladimir Putin in response to it. One E-mail tweak in particular was particularly amusing:

“Hey. It looks your macho man idol is “Pussy Putin” after all!”

Ouch !

Well, first of all, though I greatly admire the man, he is not my “idol”. It is unbecoming of a mature man to have a groupie-like “man-crush” for any man; well, except maybe for Adolf the Great, but I digress.

I must admit to having daytime “wet dreams” of Russian tanks, armored vehicles and truck convoys fanning out over the highways of Kiev, Warsaw, and Prague, liberating the bewildered sheep of the Eastern EU plantation. In my most ambitious private moments, visions of Spetsnaz paratroopers raining down on the front lawns of manly Ms. Merkel and Commie Pinko Francois Hollande bring a mischievous smile to my face, and send a therapeutic Chris Mathewish “thrill up my leg.”

But let’s return to reality here. The self evident truth that Chess Master Putin must deal with is this:

 The Globalists WANT Russia to invade Ukraine !

To put it in terms of a Chess analogy, imagine Rothschild (and friends) on one side of the Chess Board, and Putin on the other. Place your self in Putin’s shoes, or in Putin’s mind I should say. Your cunning adversary (who has never been defeated) has just placed one of his pieces in apparent danger. The novice would jump at the opportunity to capture it, but a Master would first ask himself; “Why is he sacrificing that piece? Is there some trick, some “next move” he is planning that I should be aware of?”

A brief history lesson is in order here. Back in 1979, when the Communist Soviet Union still existed, Chess Master Zbigniew Brzezinski also sacrificed a piece; the nation of Afghanistan. Through intrigue and murder, a CIA backed faction replaced a Soviet friendly Communist government with an America-friendly “Communist-light” government. After having previously refused Afghan requests for military intervention against the CIA backed “rebels”, Chess novice Leonid Brezhnev sent the Red Army into Afghanistan, in December of 1979.


Within a matter of days, Afghanistan was easily subdued. All of the major centers were Soviet occupied and the CIA’s disposable Afghan puppets fled the country like rats. But the Afghan War wasn’t over. It was only just beginning.

Unbeknown to Brezhnev, a secret guerrilla army, armed to the teeth with machine guns, rifles, communications systems, light artillery and, later on, shoulder fired missiles – was waiting for the Red Army. The USSR was drawn into a long (9 years!), costly, bloody, and internally destabilizing war against an international army of Islamic fanatics. The handlers and suppliers of this terrible forces were the Intelligence agencies of the US, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. In later years, Brzezinski himself, in an interview with a French newspaper, will confirm that it was his hand that orchestrated the Afghan War:

“According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise. Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.”


As a former intelligence operative himself, Putin undoubtedly knows this bit of history, just as he undoubtedly knows that an invisible guerrilla army of ‘Right Sector’ thugs, CIA-Mossad snipers, and other assorted mercenaries are waiting for the Russians to come into their parlor. As with Afghanistan, the Russian Army would have little difficulty is securing the pro Russian regions of Eastern Ukraine. But that’s when the war would start, not end.

The moment that a Russian invasion occurs – the Western press, as it did in regard to the Afghanistan invasion of 1979 and the justified (and baited) German invasion of Poland in 1939 – would scream about “the new Hitler.” Prince Charles of England, that feckless and useless Royal parasite who likely murdered his beautiful and gracious ex-wife, has already started the Putin-Hitler drumbeat.


Not that Putin should care about the childish name calling, but the reality is that an invasion would be used by NATO to justify massive foreign “prop up” aid to Kiev, and massive military aid to the mercenaries; who would then be free to come to the surface. Putin’s friends in Europe would be unable to stop the escalation towards harsher sanctions, and perhaps even direct war with NATO.



These are the realities that weigh on Putin’s mind. It’s not a question of whether or not to wage war against the West, but rather, how best to wage war against the West. Instead of doing exactly what the Globalist want him to do, Putin is better off trying to beat the West at its clandestine game of ‘Soft Power”.

I strongly suspect, through inference, that the recent downing of a Kiev helicopter and a also a jet, along with other Eastern Ukrainian victories, have been aided and abetted by Russian weaponry and Russian special forces. I can’t prove those assertions of course, but that’s precisely the point of “Soft Power”. There isn’t supposed to be any direct evidence.


Nice Work !

Time is also working in Putin’s favor. The Kiev gangsters are doing a pretty good job of destabilizing their own nation and embarrassing themselves. The combination of a costly Civil War, a nose-diving economy, and a cold winter with potential gas shut offs from Russia might serve to neutralize and collapse the Kiev beasts, without the need for an invasion; again, an invasion that the Brzezinski gang desperately wants.

As a Judo Black Belt holder, Putin understand the physical concept of using your adversary’s own weight against him. The game of Chess also employs similar strategic tactics. One should never do what one’s adversary wants him to do.

As difficult as it is to sit back and watch your brothers being attacked, a national leader must sometimes “play God” and weigh the number of dead associated with Option A, versus the number of dead associated with Option B. People are going to die. That’s a given.

In retrospect, one has to wonder what might have been if Hitler had found a way to secretly arm the oppressed Germans trapped in Poland, instead of directly coming to their rescue and invading. What if there was some other way to wait out the storm, and not give Britain and France the excuse – the casus belli – they needed in order to declare war against peaceful Germany. The Allies would likely have found another pretext anyway, but it’s interesting to speculate.

NATO is in a predicament that Putin is brilliantly exploiting. The Globalists want to induce an invasion, but at the same time, if the Kiev puppets crack down too hard on Eastern Ukraine, domestic opinion as well as “world opinion” may shift in favor of the pro Russians. Unless and until there is the noisy cover of a Russian invasion, there can be no mass genocide of the East Ukrainians.

Going back again to the 1939 murder of Germans in Prussian Poland, the majority of the murders took place in the hours and days following the German invasion. The Bolshevik Jewish Poles, with the tacit blessing of the Polish State, could not have carried out the infamous Bromberg Massacre without the protective “noise” of the German invasion. The same dynamic is in play here. 

Bromberg / 1939 / Murders carried out by Bolsheviks immediately after Germany invaded.

If the talented Mr. Putin can win this war without invading, he will be sparing more lives than will be lost during an invasion & occupation. Such a “Soft Power” victory would deal a seroius blow to the New World Order gangsters and expose them as “beatable” after all.

It’s still early in the Ukrainian Judo-Chess match, but so far, Putin is playing it very well.

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