Syria: Paris attack price of French politics

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja’afari (AFP photo)

Syria says the recent terror attack in Paris was carried out by terrorists who previously enjoyed the backing of Western and French officials.

Speaking to Press TV, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja’afari said the Western support for terrorism in Syria has backfired on France.

“France, today, is paying the price of its unprofessional politics with regard [to] the Syrian crisis,” the envoy said.

On Wednesday, masked gunmen stormed into Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine headquarters in Paris, gunning down a dozen people. Several prominent French imams and the Vatican have jointly issued a declaration, condemning the terrorist attack.

Ja’afari said, “We have repeatedly said and warned the French government about working with the terrorists, about manipulating the terrorists. And we told them ‘one day it will return to you.’”

He cited former French Interior Minister and current Prime Minister Manuel Valls as saying in 2013, “I cannot as a minister of interior prevent the French jihadists from going to Syria to fulfill their jihad.”

“The French Minister of Foreign Affairs [Laurent] Fabius said something worse in 2012. He said that the Islamist jihadists are doing well in Syria,” according to the Syrian official.

“Now they call them terrorists because today they are killing French people. But when they used to kill Syrian people, they were considered jihadist.”

Hundreds of French citizens have openly joined the ranks of Takfiri militant groups in Iraq and Syria. They have also even called for attacks on their homeland.

A video released by the ISIL terror group in mid-November, showed three armed Frenchmen burning their passports and calling on others to join them or stage attacks in France.

Another gruesome execution video emerged around the same time featuring at least one French citizen who was from a small village in Normandy.

According to reports, some 1,000 French nationals from a wide range of backgrounds are estimated to have left to join Takfiri militants in Iraq and Syria.

Source : Press TV

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