Regime Change Express surges towards Budapest

By Daniel McAdams at Land Destroyer

Poor Tamas Fellegi. Hungary’s envoy to the International Monetary Fund had to spend last week enduring endless lectures on democracy and fiscal responsibility from the unelected head of an international financial organization that is largely funded with money stolen from the US taxpayer.

And poor Viktor Orban. Just over twenty years ago the young Hungarian had the temerity to stand up at the reburial of the hero of the 1956 uprising to demand that Soviet troops leave and that the communist regime agree to hold free and democratic elections. The communists didn’t like him very much. Orban and many other anti-communists of that era were fighting unelected Moscow-based occupiers who stole his country’s sovereignty and ruined its economy for ideological reasons. Now, as Hungary’s prime minister, he is fighting against an unelected Brussels and Washington-based force that seeks to steal (what’s left of) his country’s sovereignty and ruin its economy for ideological reasons.

The Europeans — and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — are bearing down on the Hungarian government, attacking its “authoritarian tendencies” and demanding that Orban restore democracy. Charles Gati, a State Department official in the administration of Clinton’s husband, has gone even further, opining in the pro-opposition news weekly 160 Ora that, “there are opportunities indeed to remove this (Orbán) government — if possible in a democratic way, if not then in some other way.”

Gati, who has been joined at the hip to the renamed Hungarian communist party and its governing allies from even before the regime change in 1989, now threatens a violent overthrow of the democratically-elected Hungarian government — in the name of promoting democracy! (And if you wonder whether he is serious, click on the above link and you can see that he is pictured in front of the “Regime Change Factory” flag of the CIA-affiliated Freedom House).

(Incidentally, Gati’s tireless efforts on behalf of the former communists in Hungary were richly rewarded in 2009, when his friends in the Hungarian government awarded him the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. Hmmm… a star?)

So what is the problem with Orban? Well the “problem” for Orban and his center-right political party Fidesz is actually not a lack of democracy, but rather too much democracy! His party was elected with an unprecedented two-thirds majority in 2010 by an electorate brought to its knees by the financial mismanagement and corruption of the long-ruling renamed communists, now called the Hungarian Socialist Party, and its junior coalition partner, the Alliance of Free Democrats, which was literally obliterated in the last election.

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