Anwar Al Awlaki, a US stooge, dead for the second time !

Do you remember mainstream media telling us that this same man died back in 2009 ? Well, if you don’t, just have a look at the following video or read this and this

Some will probably question me on why I do call Anwar Al Awlaki a stooge. Well, I think that the following video will help you understand:

Seems like US ennemies all have several lifes …

PSYWAR: The Fake Fall of Tripoli – Part II


The Zionist Dragon’s Butchery Across Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

Editor’s Note: WARNING – Photos in the second section of this essay are of extremely graphic nature. They have been included in this piece due to their unequivocal importance to the overall view of what the illegitimate Israeli regime has done to Gaza.
Prelude: In the first part of this series, the malignant Zionist propaganda surrounding the fall of Tripoli was picked apart, piece by piece, exposing the destructive, genocidal, brute force of NATO and its crimes against humanity on Libyan soil. This part, the series finale, will deal with the latest horror inflicted upon the occupied Gaza Strip, holy Al-Quds and occupied Al-Khalil as a result of Zionist intelligence shenanigans in the Egyptian Sinai. It will conclude on the world scale, where an Orwellian “utopia” is hoped to be erected on the ruins of Zionism’s greatest enemies…

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