Plot to turn Aleppo into Benghazi II

File photo shows Syrian armed opposition in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria.

By Mohyeddin Sajedi

In Syria’s northern city of Umm al Amud, large pictures of the imprisoned founder and leader of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan, are hung alongside flags of the armed separatist rebels.

Life goes on and the governmental offices are open.

The city is exemplary of the Kurdish region in the north of Syria which stretches from the Iraqi border in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the West.

Roughly one year ago, the official Syrian Army voluntarily abandoned this region. The Kobane, Al-Qamishli, Afrin, and Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik) regions have fallen into the hands of Kurdish Syrians, who are affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Union Party and support Ocalan.

One of the most important tasks of this group is to obstruct the progress of armed opposition groups called the “Free Syrian Army” or the armed gangs opposed to President Bashar al-Assad. Multiple efforts by these groups to infiltrate the Kurdish regions have met with resistance from the Syrian Democratic Union Party.  Continue reading