israel: S-300 Missiles Moving to Syria

Israel’s Air Force Commander Major General Amir Eshel said today that S-300 advanced missile defense system will soon arrive in Syria.

The S-300 systems have been modernised repeatedly to maintain it’s reputation as the ultimate rocket and aircraft destroying machines. The S-300PMU2 Favorit can launch six missiles at once, each capable of destroying aircraft flying at several times the maximum speed of the F-16 and F-22 fighter jets – the flaunted possessions of the Israeli and US air forces, as well as intercepting ballistic targets.

Speaking at a convention in Herzliya, Eshel added “there is a clear understanding that such capabilities will produce confidence and aggressive behavior.”

“Aerial superiority is a condition to win and win quickly, and is of great strategic importance. The other side understands that well, which is why Assad, with his low budget, has invested billions into purchasing antiaircraft missiles.”

“It’s not just our problem. The challenge that is developing in the north did not start yesterday and there isn’t a challenge that has no solution,” the air force chief noted, adding that Syria could collapse soon and different forces could get hold of Assad’s armory.

“This does not mean we will act, but it means we must be ready with our planes and missile defense systems. No one is going to tell us ‘take two weeks to prepare for the war.’ We will have to be ready for confrontations in Gaza and Lebanon, including long-range ones. Failure to prepare for this would mean a failure to learn the lessons of the Yom Kippur War.”

IDF Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Benny Gantz added: “In light of the region’s instability, the military faces a real scenario of a confrontation on multiple fronts, and is in a new resource reality which could change it completely.”

The revelations come after an IDF vehicle was destroyed by Syrian forces in the Golan Heights.

Source: Syria Report