Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine

Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine

By Jon Rappoport

“Tell them the biggest lie, yes. But they have to want the kind of lie you’re telling. It has to give them equal parts fear and fascination.” (Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda operative)

“Overwhelmed.” “Can’t contain.” “Rapid spread.” Crossed borders.” “Predicting five million deaths.” “Too late to stop it.”

These and other familiar terms are stock-in-trade for the disease propaganda establishment.

The word “outbreak,” of course, is at the top of the list.

It suggests that the population in question is otherwise healthy—but suddenly people are dropping like flies.

In West Africa, for example, where global attention is focused on Ebola, “otherwise healthy” is a cynical myth.

Contaminated water; a decade of brutal war displacing huge numbers of people; chronic grinding poverty; severe malnutrition and starvation; inherently toxic vaccines and medicines that are devastating to people whose immune systems are already on the brink of failing; industrial pollutants in the streams and soil—that’s the pre-Ebola baseline called “otherwise healthy.”

Then there is the matter of diagnosis of Ebola. As I’ve explained in past articles, two of the most widely used tests—antibody and PCR—are both pathetically unreliable methods for disease analysis.

Therefore, the counting of Ebola cases and deaths, which depends on those tests, lacks any degree of authenticity.

On top of that, examining the track record of the CDC and the World Health Organization,when they intentionally and falsely overstated case numbers and deaths from Swine Flu…well, only a fool would believe their reports on Ebola.

But none of this stops true believers, who suck up press reports and press images like thirsty desert travelers kneeling at an oasis.

Not to burst the bubble, but…consider the World Health Organization report, April 2009, titled, “Influenza (Seasonal).” Discussing ordinary flu, it estimates 5 million cases a year, around the world, and between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths. Every year. Like clockwork.

True numbers or false numbers, the point is this: because there is zero propaganda about ordinary flu, no dire imagery, no breathless press reportage, nobody cares. Nobody says “outbreak.” No one predicts the collapse of society.

Imagine what would happen if you kept those huge global flu numbers and simply substituted “Ebola” for “flu.”

Because of the heavy propaganda re Ebola, the world would go completely mad overnight.

When the Washington Post (9/9) now reports that, ahem, “…only 31% of Ebola cases have been lab-confirmed through blood tests [in Liberia],” not an eyebrow is raised.

Who cares? Who needs diagnostic tests? Who needs science? They’re all dying from Ebola. We know that because…well, they are, we saw the pictures of the Ebola-virus worm-like thing, everybody was healthy and then they dropped dead, it’s escaping across the borders, and it’s from Africa, where terrible things originate (never Brooklyn orPeoria), let’s all buy haz-mat suits.



A picture of the Ebola-virus worm-like thing.

Ebola health workers in West Africa have, in fact, been wearing haz-mat suits all long. Sealed off from the outside, working shifts inside those boiling suits, where they are losing 5 quarts of body fluid an hour, they come out for rehydration, douse themselves with toxic chemicals to disinfect, and then go back in again.

One doctor told the Daily Mail he could smell intense fumes of chlorine while he was working in his suit. That means the toxic chemical was actually in there with him.

No wonder some health workers are collapsing and dying.

But ignore all that. It doesn’t mesh with the narrative of the virus mowing down everyone in its path.

And to depart from the propaganda narrative again—if someone wanted to step up the killing rate in West Africa, seeding it with a virus wouldn’t be the best choice. Germs are too unpredictable in their effects.

Much more predictable: spread an undetectable poisonous chemical and CALL it a virus.

In that case, the image of the virus serves as the cover story.

Precedent? Enormous precedent for using a germ as a cover story?


Assuming that virus was ever really isolated and identified to begin with (an irrational stretch), its supposedly lethal impact has never been established on any scientific grounds. There is no reason to believe it has killed anyone.

In Africa, death by wasting away, starvation, protein-calorie malnutrition, contaminated water, poverty, war, overcrowding, stolen land have formed the basis of life for millions of people.

Local dictators, elite investors, foreign corporations have wanted to keep things that way—without revealing their hand. While they were taking over the abundant natural wealth of nations.

Their murderous ongoing op needed a cover story.

Enter the disease propagandists.

They established the narrative of a killer virus. HIV.

On October 19, 1985, researcher D. Serwadda announced a new disease in Uganda, with his paper on “Slim,” published in Lancet. The myth of Slim, soon called AIDS, absurdly listed two prominent symptoms: weight loss and diarrhea.

These “symptoms,” of course, have been endemic in parts of Africa for centuries. Among the obvious causes? Contaminated water and severe malnutrition—prolonged and exacerbated by local dictators selling out their countries to foreign corporate invaders, while keeping their own populations too weak to resist.

No virus necessary.

But linking Slim to AIDS to HIV yielded the desired cover.

I wrote about all this in 1988, in my first book, AIDS Inc. I explained that medical covert ops are the most dangerous on the planet, because they appear to be political neutral. They wave no partisan banners. They hide behind the expression of “humanitarian concerns.”

Sealing off West Africa now, under the banner of “stopping the Ebola epidemic and healing the people,” is another chapter in this sordid tale of centuries.

The true objective of the covert op has always been the same: steal the fertile land and the natural resources. Disable, weaken, and destroy the people.

As in all intelligence ops, the classic hallmarks are there: secret hidden objective; cover story; limited hangout (“during the heroic effort, some mistakes were made, lessons were learned”); subtle scapegoating (blame the victims).

The op deploys many unknowing dupes. They follow the script. They believe in it. A few people at the top know the score.

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Le virus du sida a été crée artificiellement. Confirmation documentée

La vérité n’est pas toujours agréable, mais dans chaque cas elle nous rend libres.

Dans le cas,présent, la vérité nous libère de la peur.
La fausse épidémie de sida dans les années 80 a déclenché une peur mondiale, la peur d’avoir tout contact physique avec des personnes inconnues, mais aussi avec les plus proches. 

Souvenez-vous de ce qu’on nous disait? Quand tu fais l’amour, tu ne le fais pas seulement avec cette personne, mais avec toutes celles avec qui cette personne a eu des rapports physiques.
C’était le vrai but de cette “épidémie”.
Le but était de nous faire vivre dans la peur. (En dehors de gagner de l’argent, conséquence secondaire de la peur).
Document officiel des archives de la Librairie du Sénat des États-Unis. (Image en haut de page)

Le document atteste que le virus du sida a été artificiellement créé par le Département de la Défense des États-Unis d’Amérique


Le programme Feasibility a été complété en 1974-1975 et le virus entre 1974 et 1979. L’AIDS-laced amallpox vaccine a été commencée à être injecté chez plus de 100 millions d’africains en 1977. A plus de 2.000 homosexuels de race blanche (Operation Trojan Horse) il a été injecté avec le vaccin contre l’hépatite A “modifié” en 1978 au Centre de contrôle des maladies infectieuses et au centre de collecte de sang à New York.

Le développement du virus avait apparemment deux objectifs: (1) Arme politique / ethnique à utiliser contre les gens de couleur et (2) la réduction programmatique de la population.
Le 29 juillet 1969, quelques jours après que le Département de la Défense ait demandé au Congrès 10 millions de dollars de financement pour la recherche “d’un agent pathogène biologique synthétique, une substance qui n’existe pas dans la nature et contre laquelle il n’est pas possible de développer une immunité naturelle”, le Président de la Task Force républicaine sur Earth Resources and Population (Population et ressources terrestres), l’honorable George H.W. Bush a souligné le besoin urgent d’actions destinées au contrôle de la population pour faire face à la “crise croissante dans le Tiers Monde”.

La programmation de l’épidémie de sida.
En 1972, sous les auspices de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, un programme de vaccination de masse des populations africaines contre la variole fût porté en avant. Ce vaccin infecté avec le virus du sida a été administré à des millions de Noirs africains indigents et dont le nombre croissait rapidement, problème qui préoccupait GHW Bush, parmi les autres membres de l’élite, les Rockefeller, le Club de Rome et les membres du Bilderberg depuis 1969.

Le virus du sida a été intentionnellement ajouté au vaccin contre l’hépatite-B.

Les études sur le vaccin contre l’hépatite B sont désormais sous clé et sous la garde du Département de la Justice à Washington et personne ne peut y accéder.
Le vih a été créé en laboratoire.

Avec une certitude bien-fondée, il y a quelques années, on risquait sa vie en racontant certains passages de la vérité … maintenant il se dit que cela peut se faire, et que c’est même nécessaire. Cela fait peut-être un peu mal, mais on pense que cela peut servir à concilier une prise de conscience plus douce. Tellement de choses se sont passées que maintenant cela ne ferait pas de mal d’être un peu humain ….
Source: Seroposition