Kenyan Bloodbath: State-Sponsored Sophistication & Motivation

Anti-ICC Kenyan President and his government appear to be the target of US-bolstered Al Qaeda attack.


By Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyer

What are the chances that family members of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta just so happened to be visiting Nairobi’s Westgate Mall in the midst of an unprecedented cross-border attack by Al Qaeda Al Shabaab terrorists – and that these family members were successfully singled out and murdered? The BBC reported in its article, “Nairobi Westgate attack: The victims,” that:

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Mbugua Mwangi and his fiancee Rosemary Wahito are among the many Kenyans killed in the attack on the Westgate shopping centre.

What are the chances that Al Qaeda is armed and funded by the US from Afghanistan in the 1980’s, to Libya in 2011, and now Syria to undermine enemies of Wall Street and London, but not in Somalia to undermine neighboring Kenya whose new president won partly due to a popular backlash against the West’s discredited International Criminal Court (ICC)?

Indeed, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was charged by the ICC for “crimes against humanity” even as he ran for president. The Kenyan newspaper, the Standard, published “Is history repeating itself as Uhuru Kenyatta, like father, faces trial?,” where current President Kenyatta’s persecution by the ICC is seen as a parallel to the persecution of his father, Jomo Kenyatta, by British colonial rule. It stated:

In April 2011, Ngengi Muigai, a close relative of Uhuru drew parallels between his charges at the ICC and the trial, jailing and unlawful detention of his father by the British colonial government.

How much can a wife and a mother bear? Her husband’s tribulations from the British colonialists and now her son from the neo-colonialists said Ngengi.

Mama Ngina had said at the same venue: I’m sure Uhuru, Ruto and the rest will go to The Hague and come back so that we can proceed with nation building.
She said this on the day she laid hands on both her son and Ruto as she prayed for their safe return from The Hague.
She said the charges facing her son and his co-suspects were the work of neo-colonialists and urged Kenyans to stand by Uhuru and resist just like they had resisted the British colonial rule.
The colonialists gave us problems and it is now clear they have never relented, said the former First Lady.

The former first lady is not alone in viewing the ICC as the modern day successor of old European subjugation and colonization. President Kenyatta’s persecution by the ICC is a tell-tale sign that he has made enemies in the West. The ICC itself is a discredited institution openly collaborating alongside NATO and in particular, the US, UK, and France to target political enemies around the world.

This would be made abundantly clear in Libya in 2011, where the ICC played a crucial role in NATO’s propaganda campaign against Tripoli when ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo “confirmed” that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam was “captured” by Libyan militants and en route to the Hague. Saif Al-Islam would turn up the next day, very much free and still leading the defense of Tripoli – meaning the ICC lied as part of a wider NATO psychological operation to portray Libya’s capital as overwhelmed and captured.

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Al-Qaïda veut provoquer une guerre entre le Hezbollah et Israël


“En tirant des roquettes vers le territoire israélien, les forces du jihad international ont voulu porter atteinte à Israël, qu’elles détestent, et porter préjudice au Hezbollah en raison de son implication dans la guerre en cours en Syrie”, estime le quotidien israélien Yediot Aharonot.

Tous les indices mènent vers la conclusion que ceux qui ont tiré les roquettes sur l’ouest de la Galilée, jeudi, font partie des groupes radicaux et travaillent pour le jihad international. Ils se peut aussi qu’ils soient membres de “Ansar al-Islam”, un groupe fondamentaliste sunnite, actif au Nord et au Sud-Liban.

Ce groupe se présente comme un ennemi du Hezbollah. Le tir de roquettes avait un double objectif: provoquer une montée de la tension à la frontière libano-israélienne pour faire couler le sang des deux ennemis: Israël et le Hezbollah.

Ce n’est pas la première fois que des groupes radicaux sunnites commettent des agressions au Liban-Sud dans le but de provoquer une guerre entre Israël et le Hezbollah. Ils ont déjà perpétré des attaques contre la Finul et contre des chrétiens pour embarrasser le Hezbollah dans ses propres régions.

Le village à partir duquel les roquettes ont été tirées est à majorité sunnite et se situe près d’un camp palestinien. Israël adopte une politique qui consiste à éviter de se laisser entrainer dans une confrontation en Syrie et au Liban.

Il ne lancera une attaque que lorsqu’il estimera que les lignes rouges auront été franchies.
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Tunisian Terrorists Are Now Confirmed Members of Syrian Death Squads


By Brandon Turbeville, ACTIVIST POST

In yet another blow to the fragile and the entirely fabricated narrative pushed by the United States, NATO, and the Anglo-American powers, a recent broadcast of a Tunisian television program features firsthand accounts demonstrating that the Syrian “rebels” are actually nothing more than religious fanatics, mercenaries, and foreign fighters.

As reported by Salma Bouzid of Tusnisia Live, the Tunisian television show, Attasiaa Massaa, recently featured a clip of a young Tunisian man named Abou Zayd Attounssi who claims that he recently returned to Tunisia after fighting for eight months alongside the inappropriately named “Syrian rebels.”

Further supporting the fundamentalist nature of the majority of the members of the NATO death squads (aka rebels) operating in Syria, Attounssi stated that his initial reason for traveling to Syria to engage in murder, plunder, and torture against innocent people was because “he felt his religion required him to engage in jihad against ‘the enemy.’”

Although it was apparently not the killing that turned Attounssi off from the death squad movement, he nevertheless became disillusioned with it because, “most of the fighters within the Free Syrian army are fighting for the spoils of war and the foreign aid they supposedly get.”

Also featured on the show was the father of Hamza Rjeb, another former death squad member who is now disabled. Rjeb’s father claimed that “the Tunisian government should take full responsibility for his son’s situation and for allowing groups in the country to ‘brainwash’ his son.”

In an interview with Tunisia Live, Ahmed Youssef, a journalist described by Bouzid as “pro-Assad,” stated, “For every Tunisian fighter brought to Syria, Qatar pays 3,000 dollars to the Syrian rebels.” He also claimed that, “most of the Tunisians come from disadvantaged regions in Tunisia with low unemployment,” and stated that the Tunisians fighting in Syria are “considered mercenaries.” Youssef estimated that the number of Tunisian fighters wreaking havoc in Syria is more than 3,500.

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Michel Collon : “L’Algérie est clairement la suivante sur la liste”


Par Michel Collon, La Nouvelle République via E&R

La Nouvelle République : Vous avez travaillé sur l’intervention militaire en Libye et ses répercussions stratégiques sur la région du Sahel, quelle est votre approche sur la situation au Nord-Mali et son impact régional et international ?

Michel Collon : Je pense que l’intervention de la France contre le Mali, c’est la continuation de la guerre contre la Libye et contre la Syrie. C’est une nouvelle phase dans ce que j’appellerais la recolonisation ou le fait de stabiliser la colonisation de l’Afrique en général, l’Afrique du Nord et l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Je pense que la chose qui n’est jamais traitée dans les médias européens et des Etats-Unis, c’est que le Mali et toute la région est pour la France, je veux dire la France officielle, la France des 1%, une zone de richesses naturelles que les multinationales françaises considèrent leur appartenir et pas aux populations locales.

L’exploitation des mines d’or par des groupes français comme Bouygues, dans des conditions scandaleuses avec de nombreux mineurs qui meurent à cause de l’utilisation du cyanure et de l’arsenic sans prévention et sans soins corrects, est la preuve que ces multinationales sont prêtes à écraser des êtres humains pour maintenir ou augmenter leur profit. Au Mali, on trouve également des gisements d’uranium ; c’est une richesse stratégique pour la multinationale française Areva, numéro un dans l’exportation du nucléaire au niveau mondial et la France a toujours fait en sorte de s’assurer le contrôle des gisements d’uranium et pour cela, elle a commis les pires crimes.

Et, donc, quand on veut voir comment la France considère les richesses naturelles, il suffit de voir l’exemple du Niger, c’est le pays n°174 sur la liste du développement humain, c’est-à-dire le dernier pays, le plus pauvre, les Nigériens ont une espérance de vie de 49 ans et moins de trois enfants sur dix vont à l’école. Et lorsqu’on a demandé à la multinationale Areva de faire un geste pour ces enfants, elle a répondu que ce n’était pas son problème, donc les Nigériens peuvent crever de faim, littéralement, et les Maliens aussi, pendant que des firmes comme Areva et celles qui travaillent avec elle, c’est-à-dire Suez, Bouygues, Alstom, construisent des profits fabuleux et que leurs actionnaires et leurs principaux dirigeants se construisent des châteaux un peu partout dans le monde.

Donc on a l’or, l’uranium, on a bien entendu le gaz et le pétrole, avec des richesses très importantes en Algérie et aussi dans d’autres pays de la région, et on constate qu’il y a une guerre pour les matières premières qui se mène, avec comme acteurs principaux, la France, les Etats-Unis, mais aussi le Qatar qui jour un rôle trouble en coulisses et qui veut devenir le n°1 mondial du gaz en alliance avec les Etats-Unis et contre la Russie, et donc je pense que cette guerre au Mali, c’est une guerre contre les patriotes maliens qui ont essayé de mettre fin à la corruption et de faire en sorte que les richesses naturelles du Mali profitent aux Maliens et permettent de mettre fin à la pauvreté. C’est une guerre contre le Niger, dont l’uranium est absolument stratégique.

C’est une guerre contre l’Algérie, parce que ce pays a lui aussi des ressources naturelles très importantes comme chacun sait. Il n’entend pas les offrir aux multinationales françaises et autres, donc c’est un pays qui conserve un secteur public important. C’est un pays qui résiste à Israël, qui a refusé de s’intégrer dans l’Otan et dans Africom, l’organisation militaire des Etats-Unis pour le contrôle des richesses de l’Afrique. Ses dirigeants militaires ont très clairement expliqué que le but d’Africom, donc le but des interventions militaires que les Etats-Unis préparent dans toute l’Afrique, c’est d’empêcher que l’Afrique ne soit indépendante et n’aie des partenaires comme la Chine, le Brésil, la Russie et d’autres pays.

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Will Antiwar Orgs Get Behind HCR 107 to Prevent War on Syria?

By Philip C. Restino, Jr., The Intel Hub

Well, it looks like Obama is going to attack Syria with at most token opposition by the national antiwar organizations, as was the case when he “phoned in” the order to bomb the crap out of Libya back on March 19, 2011.

After a year’s worth of bloodshed in Libya and simultaneous drum-beating for invading Syria in the same manner, H.Con.Res. 107 was introduced on March 7, 2012 by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) threatening impeachment of the President if he were to take the U.S. to war without a proper authorization by Congress.

Even with the imminent threat of a U.S./NATO military invasion of Syria … which could come any day now before the new Congress is sworn in next month after the holidays … there is little, if no mention of the Republican Congressman’s HCR 107 from the “left-only-need-apply” national antiwar organizations, let alone any public endorsements or calls for Congress to support and enact the resolution.

The most we’ll probably get from the national “left-only-need-apply” antiwar organizations, to include our own Veterans For Peace, is some kind of meaningless C-Y-A statement of “opposition” while the Democrat War Criminal President Obama launches another unabated, blatant war of aggression killing and maiming thousands of innocent brown people, again with the “left cover” he’s been so freely provided over the past 4 years.

To see a 23-minute interview of Rep. Walter Jones done on May 16, 2012 discussing H.Con.Res. 107, please click on the following link:

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BenghaziGate: Two 9/11’s Bring Questions : Has Uncle Sam Joined The Jihad? [Yes He Has]

By Clare M. LOPEZ, 20 years Former CIA – Oathkeepers

[—] Along the way, we’ve begun to worship the office of President unduly as we’ve watched the Executive usurp Congressional and Judicial powers to the point that, by 1947, President Truman consented to and signed into law the National Security Act of 1947 which created the CIA. Six short years later our CIA took down the duly elected democratic government of Iran and CIA has lingered long in the middle east ever since, doing what CIA does best — keeping deep dark ugly secrets from the American people while rampaging amok in the name of American and multi-national corporate ‘interests’ at the expense of stability in oil-producing nations.

We see that eventually that omniscient centralized government Patrick Henry dreaded was allowed to develop. For over five decades it has wreaked havoc around the world. Since 1947 it has honed a domestic policy which has intimidated any dissent and has used the strong arm of the government to chill the speech of Americans who do not agree with such mischief. It has burgeoned into an oligarchic, fascistic, iron-fisted super-surveillance military-police state mechanism called the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

And now? Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost. The unholy serpent shall devour its tail while deep dark secrets are transmuted in the sordid bowels of deception and we are found wanting for asking if our dearly beloved Commander in Chief, President Obama, has lied through his teeth regarding the Federal government’s smuggling of armaments to al Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

The question may have standing.

It appears that our ambassador to Libya was working with the CIA. It appears that the CIA was providing arms to al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of taking down governments in the middle-east – with the President’s knowledge.

If this proves to be true, this thing is positively huge. Can it conceivably cost a sitting President his office? Can it throw the 2012 Presidential election? Can it awaken the cheer-leading sports-addicted and creature-comfort-crazed American public? Dare the media toss it out onto the table?

[Editor’s Note: we, you, know that this is true and that Private Corporations controlled Obama has provided arms to al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of taking down governments in the middle-east: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria for the time being.]



Former 20 year CIA veteran, Clare Lopez: “Jordan is targeted! Saudi Arabia is targeted!”

(excerpt from above link — read whole article at link)


Could the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation to the Mexican drug cartels be simply a dress rehearsal for a much larger gunrunning operation to al Qaida-linked and other Jihadist groups in Libya and, more ominously, Syria?

Is the Obama Administration running guns into other Jihadist hot spots?

Does the United States of America have troops in Jordan?

Was Ambassador Stevens our operational officer in a gunrunning operation to al Qaida linked groups that had “gone wrong?”

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Syria demands UNSC, UN General Secretariat and UNHRC to condemn crimes of Terrorists

Syria demanded the UN Security Council (UNSC), UN General Secretariat and UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to expose the crimes of the armed groups, condemn them and punish these groups.

The demand came in identical letters sent by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the Head of UNSC, UNSG, UNHRC Chairperson and High Commissioner of Human Rights.

The Syrian foreign ministry stressed in its letters that the armed groups and their supporters are continuing shedding the Syrian blood in contradiction with all human values and at a timing which became known being repeated before sessions held by the UNSC to discuss the situation in Syria.

The Ministry highlighted that the massacre committed by an armed terrorist group in Duma city in Damascus Countryside took place in an area where there is no presence of the Syrian Army or and where the armed terrorist groups are active. Continue reading

Arms Flow to Syria May Be Behind Benghazi Cover-Up


By Clare M. Lopez, papundits

The day after the big Obama-Romney debate, as media and politicians were engaging in the usual after-action assessment frenzy, some of the most important issues surrounding the September 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, remain unaddressed.

While it clearly matters (a lot) if and when the President told the truth to the American public about the terrorist nature of that attack and why the Department of State refused repeated pleas from its own diplomats in Libya for more and better security, the deeper, unaddressed issue is about the relationship of the U.S. government, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya with Al Qaeda.

During the 2011 Libyan revolt against Muammar Qaddafi, reckless U.S. policy flung American forces and money into the conflict on the side of the rebels, who were known at the time to include Al Qaeda elements. Previously the number two official at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Christopher Stevens was named as the official U.S. liaison to the Libyan opposition in March, 2011.

Stevens was tasked with helping to coordinate U.S. assistance to the rebels, whose top military commander, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was the leader of the Al Qaeda affiliate, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). That means that Stevens was authorized by the U.S. Department of State and the Obama administration to aid and abet individuals and groups that were, at a minimum, allied ideologically with Al Qaeda, the jihadist terrorist organization that attacked the homeland on the first 9/11, the one that’s not supposed to exist anymore after the killing of its leader, Osama bin Laden, on May 2, 2012.

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Libyan Epiphany: Tomahawks Trump Teachers

[Editor’s note: This article by Dean HENDERSON was initially published in March 21st 2011, at the beginning of the aggressive war of the US and NATO against Libya.]



Events of the past week crystallized the profound hypocrisy and immorality of the American body politic. If you’ve retained any semblance of your humanity, after decades of desensitization at the hands of the military-industrial mafia and their titillating lapdog media, you could not escape the glaring epiphany of a nation with disturbing priorities.

Japan suffered a natural disaster of historic magnitude, is battling an epic nuclear meltdown just as the world was reassured that nuclear power was safe, and struggles to feed its population – especially the elderly in nursing homes. The US has seven large military bases in Japan. The country’s largest ports remain open and undamaged. Yet, instead of focusing every resource at our disposal on the Japanese cataclysm, the Obama Administration – at the urging of colonial masters Britain and France – decided to bomb Libya.

Our erudite and eager-to-please cowboy President pulled a Butch Cassidy and tried to hide out in South America, apparently unaware that most of that continent enjoys better relations with Libya than with the US. American exceptionalism was in short supply. But the empirical band played on.

Republicans – who had busied their fat little fingers (between large slices of American pie) laying waste to unions – quickly abandoned their months-long collective tirade on the merits of fiscal conservatism. While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gleefully handed out pink slips to teachers, General Dynamics demonically ramped up production of its Tomahawk missiles. Defense and oil stocks soared.

Each Tomahawk that blasts a depleted-uranium hole in Libya costs the US taxpayer $1.5 million. As of today, the bill for decimating and decapitating the Libyan people came to $112 million – a small price to pay for a good old fashioned genocide. Rest assured there won’t be a peep out of Republicans as the Pentagon bounces checks to a familiar array of war profiteers.

If education was a national priority, by my calculations we could have instead paid 2,240 teachers $50,000/year and come out even on the Tomahawk expenditure.

But education is not a national priority. Neither is helping faithful ally Japan – whose citizens are tired, scared and starving. Instead, deficit-be-damned, our national priority is to bend over and lick the filthy blood-stained boots of the Rothschild-led City of London-based banking/oil/insurance/reinsurance/mining/agribusiness/pharmaceutical/ syndicate, which will now steal Libya’s petroleum – on our dime.

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