Syria: Militant Groups Target Al-Manar Crew in Maaloula in Qalamoun – Three Martyrs

The militant groups opened fire onto Al-Manar crew in the town of Maaloula in Qalamoun, leaving three martyrs of the colleagues: the reporter Hamza Hajj Hasan, the technician Halim Allaw and the photographer Mohammad Mantash.

The crew was broadcasting the Syria army’s operations in Maaloula when the terrorists targeted their Press vehicles.

Al-Manr TV Channel announced the martyrdom of the colleagues and offered condolences to their parents, asking Holy God to bless them with His mercy. 

Source: Al Manar

Exclusive: Most Prominent Achievements of Syrian Army Obtained Recently

During the last few weeks, the Syrian army attained a great progress in the battlefield and regained many areas, Al-Manar TV correspondent reported.

Aided by the Popular Committees, the Syrian army regained the Prophet Mando strategic hill in Homs countryside, and dominated over the military supply lines that lead to Homs and al-Qussayr on the sides of Tel-Kalkh and Al-Qaa.

Moreover, the Syrian army retrieved tens of villages in Qussayr countryside; the most important are Al-Borhania and Sakarja. Some villages east and west Assi River were also recaptured. Consequently, the Syrian Army tightened its control over the entrances of Qussayr city.

In Homs, the Syrian troops were able to impose control over many regions that were considered militants’ strongholds, restore security in Feraaya, strengthen their deployment in Khaledeya and Baba-Amru, and distance themselves from threats of militant groups.

In Damascus countryside, however, the Syrian troops were able to tighten the ring around the gunmen in east Gouta, severely siege Darya, and restore security in Jdaydet Al-Adem.

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Tripoli Clashes Renew, Many Killed, Injured including Soldiers

Two people were killed and more than 30 others were injured, including Lebanese army troops, as clashes renewed on Tuesday between the neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh in north Lebanon.

Media reports said that several people were injured in clashes that took place after cautious calm prevailed at dawn Tuesday.

Al-Manar correspondent reported  that at least five soldiers were injured during the fight on Tuesday, as unknown militants hit their patrol with a bomb.
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Mohammad Adel Sleiman, A New Abductee of Al-Miqdad Family

Spokesman for the military wing of Al-Miqdad family announced the arrest of Mohammad Adel Sleiman from the center of the capital Beirut.

The wing confiscated documents and devices that prove his involvement with the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

Sources of the military wing told Al-Manar Website in an exclusive interview that documents included pictures of Sleiman and his relatives with members of the “FSA”.

Al-Manar Website also got a picture for Sleiman, who is likely a media spokesperson of the FSA.

Source: Al Manar

Mansour: Syria Is a Strong Country and Will Overcome the Crisis

BEIRUT, (SANA)- Lebanese Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Adnan Mansour, on Sunday stressed that Syria is a strong country that could not be shaken by a terrorist bombing and the loss of some of its leaders.

Speaking in a statement to the Lebanese al-Manar TV during offering condolences to the Syrian Ambassador in Beirut over the martyrdom of senior Syrian leaders in a terrorist explosion last Wednesday, Mansour said that the Syrian Army is holding together in the face of the ferocious attack launched against its homeland.

He reiterated that Syria will overcome its crisis thanks to the steadfastness of it army and the unity of its people around the leadership.

By H. Said

Source: Sana

Sheikh Maher Hammoud to Al-Manar Website: We Will Besiege Conspiracy… Military intervention in Syria might lead to world war …

Imam of Al-Quds Mosque in Sidon Sheikh Maher Hammoud confirmed that the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon was nothing but a conspiracy targeting the Resistance in Lebanon, and stressed the necessity to annul this politicized tribunal. He said that the Israeli enemy remains the main suspect in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri despite all rumors and claims.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, Sheikh Hammoud admitted that the main obstacle preventing the deletion of this tribunal was the stance of Prime Minister Najib Miqati who took a “centrist” position towards the tribunal. While wondering whether this tribunal became part of the Sunni doctrine, Sheikh Hammoud expressed Continue reading