Mohammad Adel Sleiman, A New Abductee of Al-Miqdad Family

Spokesman for the military wing of Al-Miqdad family announced the arrest of Mohammad Adel Sleiman from the center of the capital Beirut.

The wing confiscated documents and devices that prove his involvement with the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

Sources of the military wing told Al-Manar Website in an exclusive interview that documents included pictures of Sleiman and his relatives with members of the “FSA”.

Al-Manar Website also got a picture for Sleiman, who is likely a media spokesperson of the FSA.

Source: Al Manar

Breaking: Al-Meqdad family declaration

Hassan Al-Meqdad

Al-Meqdad family issued the following statement: If the FSA kills our relative ( Hassan ) we’ll attack countries who support FSA interests (embassies, shops, clubs,…) and will abduct their citizens (including Syrian anti-Assad thugs).

Furthermore, we learned that many families in the Bekaa valley support the Al-Meqdad and are ready to take action to help them recover their relative.

Meqdad Military Wing Kidnaps Turkish National, 20 FSA Members, Speaks of ‘Bank of Targets’

Al-Meqdad family announced on Wednesday that its military wing has so far kidnapped more than 20 Free Syrian Army members in Lebanon, as well as a Turkish national, promising a “hefty catch.”

The military wing told LBCI television: “We may take escalatory measures depending on the latest developments.”

“We have a bank of targets in Lebanon and we are capable of reaching regional targets,” it warned.

“We can reach Aley, Tripoli, and Iqlim al-Kharroub,” said an unidentified masked gunman who was surrounded by a number of other gunmen of the Meqdad military wing.

Media report had earlier announced that the wing had abducted a Turkish national of the Soufan family. Continue reading