Syria’s Military Drills Continue: Tactical Exercises with Anti-aircraft Missiles

The Syrian armed forces continued their military drills in which all naval, land and air forces are taking part as the air defense forces carried out a tactical exercise using anti-aircraft missiles to confront any given attack.

Syrian TV aired Monday footage of live-fire military exercises by the country’s armed forces, filmed in an undisclosed location.
In the broadcast, Syrian TV reports that air defense forces joined the country’s navy and army in the maneuvers.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and armed forces, Defense Minister, Gen. Dawood Abdullah Rajiha, accompanied by Deputy Defense Minister, Gen. Talal Mustafa Tlas, attended the military exercises.

The state news agency SANA says the drills began on Saturday with naval forces taking part in maneuvers to repel a potential coastal attack.
It further mentioned that the air forces proved high performance as they located and destroyed the proposed attacks accurately.

General Rajiha hailed the performance of the air forces and their resolve to fulfilling their duties, stressing the importance of such exercises in testing the capacities of the Syrian army.

The exercises will continue over the next few days, involving both air and ground forces.

Source: News agencies, Edited by moqawama