West clings to Arab influence with airstrike democracy – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti / Mikhail Klimentyev)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the West for clinging to its influence in the Arab world under the guise of “humanitarian operations.” He dubbed western involvement in Arab affairs as the export of “rocket and bomb democracy.”

At a meeting with top Russian diplomats Putin said that certain countries will do anything to retain the influence they have become accustomed to in the Arab world.

He stressed that western nations often adopt a one-sided policy in Arab affairs that violates international law.

“We must do everything in our power to coerce the opposing forces in the Syrian conflict into coming to a peaceful solution,” underlined the Russian President. Continue reading

Preparing the Chessboard for the “Clash of Civilizations”: Divide, Conquer and Rule the “New Middle East”

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The name “Arab Spring” is a catch phrase concocted in distant offices in Washington, London, Paris, and Brussels by individuals and groups who, other than having some superficial knowledge of the region, know very little about the Arabs. What is unfolding amongst the Arab peoples is naturally a mixed package. Insurgency is part of this package as is opportunism. Where there is revolution, there is always counter-revolution.

The upheavals in the Arab World are not an Arab “awakening” either; such a term implies that the Arabs have always been sleeping while dictatorship and injustice has been surrounding them. In reality the Arab World, which is part of the broader Turko-Arabo-Iranic World, has been filled with frequent revolts that have been put down by the Arab dictators in coordination with countries like the United States, Britain, and France. It has been the interference of these powers that has always acted as a counter-balance to democracy and it will continue to do so.

Divide and Conquer: How the First “Arab Spring” was Manipulated

The plans for reconfiguring the Middle East started several years before the First World War. It was during the First World War, however, that the manifestation of these colonial designs could visibly be seen with the “Great Arab Revolt” against the Ottoman Empire.

Despite the fact that the British, French, and Italians were colonial powers which had prevented the Arabs from enjoying any freedom in countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan, these colonial powers managed to portray themselves as the friends and allies of Arab liberation.

During the “Great Arab Revolt” the British and the French actually used the Arabs as foot soldiers against the Ottomans to further their own geo-political schemes. The secret Sykes–Picot Agreement between London and Paris is a case in point. France and Britain merely managed to use and manipulate the Arabs by selling them the idea of Arab liberation from the so-called “repression” of the Ottomans.

In reality, the Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic empire. It gave local and cultural autonomy to all its peoples, but was manipulated into the direction of becoming a Turkish entity. Even the Armenian Genocide that would ensue in Ottoman Anatolia has to be analyzed in the same context as the contemporary targeting of Christians in Iraq as part of a sectarian scheme unleashed by external actors to divide the Ottoman Empire, Anatolia, and the citizens of the Ottoman Empire. Continue reading

Zionist Massacres .. Never to Forget, Never to Forgive

By Eslam al-Rihani

Over the history, the old aging Arab – Israeli conflict is not only considered the longest for exceeding sixty continuous years, but it is also featured by touching the strategic, political, military, economic and cultural aspects of the countries involved.

Starting from the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897, treachery and conspiracy were sparked to the peaceful people and the nation that were not have picked a breather after the first episodes of Sykes – Picot, which divided the Arab world and confiscated the decision of our people and the wealth of our nation.

Then came the British promise to create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, the most serious and impudent promise at all in the political history of mankind, followed by facilitating migration of young Jews, along with armed and trained elements across the sea to Palestine, providing them with power and weapons, while chasing the Palestinian revolts should they fought in defense of themselves…

“Massacre” in the Zionist Ideology

Writing history of massacres differs from that of any other event, not only because the researcher at every stage discovers certain facts or faces specific obstacles, but because massacres have their known starts and unknown endings; Those who have lived or stayed alive do not live as others live, their life is always affected, evolved, changed, not as they want, but as the painful memories take them back toward that tragic experience. Continue reading