Authorities Eliminate Tens of Terrorists in Aleppo, Daraa, Hama and Homs

ALEPPO, DARAA (Source: SANA) – In al-Arcoub neighborhood in Aleppo, an army unit confronted a group of armed terrorists who tried to attack law-enforcement forces and government establishments.

The army unit eliminated tens of terrorists and inured a large number of them.

In al-Sakhour neighborhood in Aleppo, a number of armed groups’ leaders were killed as they were hiding near Syriatel customer service center during a qualitative operation carried out by the armed forces.

The Syrian Army Continues Pursuit  of Terrorists in a number of Damascus neighborhoods

The Syrian heroic Army continued pursuit of armed terrorist groups in a number of neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside.  

A source told SANA that while the units of the Army were storming dens of the terrorists in al-Tadamun, Zamalka, Yalda, Babila, Ein Tarma, they seized big quantities of weapons including RPGs, Israeli-made snipers, Dushka machineguns and mortars. Continue reading