Syrian and Jordanian troops clash at border – report

Syrian refugees gather at the Zaatari Camp, Jordan’s first official camp for Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their country, in Mafraq, near the Syrian border (AFP Photo / Khalil Mazraawi)

Fighting involving armored vehicles broke out Friday night between Jordanian and Syrian troops in a border region. Reuters cited an unnamed Syrian opposition activist who witnessed the incident.

Later Russia’s Itar-TASS news agency cited its military source in Amman, Jordan’s capital, denying the clashes were between Syrian and Jordanian troops. He said the fighting erupted between the rebels and pro-government forces on the Syrian side of the border.­

The Tel Shihab-Turra border area has been used as a passage by Syrian refugees fleeing the violence. The clashes reportedly occurred after a number of refugees attempted to cross into Jordan.

There appear to be no Jordanian casualties, but no reports about the Syrian side have surfaced yet. Continue reading