NAM Summit: Ban Ki-Moon in disgraceful show of US puppetry

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (C), Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R)
and Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi at the opening ceremony of the
16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran on August 30, 2012.

By Finian Cunningham , Opinion Maker

Seated alongside Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the day that Iran took over presidency of the NAM of 120 nations, the presence of Ban could be seen as a blow to the diplomatic machinations of the United States and its Western allies, including Israel.

But, rather than making a forthright statement of support for Iran, the veteran South Korean diplomat showed his true colours as a servile puppet of American imperialism.

In the weeks leading up to the 16th summit of the NAM, Washington had been calling on the UN top official to decline attending the conference in Tehran. When Ban announced last week that he was going ahead, the US government was evidently peeved, calling his decision “a bit strange”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was predictably more strident, denouncing Ban’s visit to Iran as “a big mistake”. In typical vulgar and provocative language, Netanyahu subsequently attacked the NAM summit as “a stain on humanity”.

What the United States and its Western allies feared most from the NAM summit was a global display of goodwill and solidarity towards Iran. For more than three decades now, Washington has invested huge political capital in a global campaign of vilification against Iran, denouncing the Islamic Republic as a “rogue state”, a sponsor of “international terrorism” and, over the last 10 years, as “a threat to world peace” from alleged nuclear weapons development.

The Western powers of the US, Britain and France in particular continually arrogate the mantle of “international community” to browbeat Iran, claiming that the nation is in “breach of its obligations”.

In attempting to portray Iran as a “pariah state” these powers, along with Israel, have partly succeeded in turning reality on its head and to assume the outrageous right to threaten Iran with pre-emptive military strikes and enforce crippling economic sanctions.

However, the attendance of some 120 nations in Tehran this week – two-thirds of the UN General Assembly – is a clear statement by the international community that resoundingly rejects this Western campaign of vilification.

Clearly, the majority of the world’s people do not see Iran as a rogue state or a threat to world peace. Indeed, the endorsement of Iran’s presidency of the NAM for the next three years is vindication of the country’s right to develop on its own terms, including the pursuit of peaceful nuclear technology.

In one fell swoop, the NAM summit liquidated Washington’s political capital for denigrating and isolating Iran as worthless. Seated at the top of the summit’s gathering in Tehran, the mere presence of the UN General Secretary to witness the appointment of Iran as the new leader of the Non-Aligned Movement was partially a symbolic vote of confidence.

But then, in his speech on this historic day, Ban engaged in a disgraceful diplomatic offensive. He pointedly denounced those who “deny the [Nazi] holocaust” and who call for the Zionist state’s destruction. Ban championed “Israel’s right to exist” without a word of condemnation of Israel’s decades-long crimes against humanity on the Palestinian people and its violation of countless UN resolutions. In that way, the UN chief was peddling the spurious Western propaganda that seeks to besmirch Iran’s principled opposition to the Zionist state’s record of criminality.

Ban went on to cast bankrupt Western aspersions on Iran’s nuclear rights. He said that Iran needed to use its presidency of the NAM to demonstrate peaceful intent, allay fears that it was developing nuclear weapons and to engage positively with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Western-dominated P5+1 group – the group that has used every step in bad faith to hobble and hamper a negotiated agreement with Iran.

The question is: what planet has Ban Ki-Moon been living on? The fact is that Iran has done everything to comply with the IAEA and its obligations to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran has consistently demonstrated its peaceful nuclear ambitions and its responsibility to the NPT – unlike the Western powers and their illegal nuclear-powered Zionist rogue state. Just this week, Iran even invited the member states of the NAM to visit its nuclear facility at Natanz – an unprecedented show of openness.

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West seeks imperialist policy in Syria: Webster Tarpley

The West seeks to follow its imperialist policy inside Syria through military intervention, an American author and historian tells Press TV. Webster Griffin Tarpley says the Western powers would like to follow their imperialist policy “using the people NATO has on the ground (in Syria) at the moment.” He made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

En Syrie, le feu ne cesse pas

Ban Ki-moon et Hillary Clinton s'inquiètent de la "liberté de mouvement" des observateurs de l'ONU ? Mais dimanche à Homs, ils ont eu la chance de visiter un quartier en compagnie de Tlass, chef local des tueurs de l'ASL !

En Syrie, à la guérilla des armes se superpose sans cesse celle des bilans. Et, dans cet affrontement là, c’est cette fois l’opposition qui bénéficie d’une écrasante supériorité logistique : l’OSDH (Observatoire Syrien des droits de l’homme) continue d’imposer ses chiffres. Soit 59 victimes pour la journée de lundi, dont 31 civils dans la région de Hama, et cinq soldats. L’OSDH prétend que 28 civils ont été victimes de tirs de mitrailleuses et d’obus dans le quartier d’Arbaine à Hama, du moins selon les dires d’un de ses « correspondants« . Ce chiffre de 59 constitue un « pic » depuis l’entrée en vigueur théorique du cessez-le-feu, le 12 avril. L’OSDH, comme le CNS (conseil national syrien) , cherchant à faire capoter le plan Annan, il est fort possible que Rami Abdel Rahmane (patron londonien de l’OSDH) ait « forcé la note » pour convaincre gouvernement et opinions occidentaux de la mauvaise foi et de la brutalité du régime.

Nous avons donné le décompte de l’agence syrienne Sana pour la même journée, décompte qui concernait le nombre de victimes d’attaques terroristes à la mi-journée : quatre militaires et un civil tués. Le quotidien gratuit 20 Minutes se fait d’ailleurs l’écho de ces bilans de l’agence Sana, et ce n’est pas le seul média français à le faire : peut-être ce début d’objectivité est-il à mettre au compte d’un sursaut de conscience professionnelle, ou d’une tardive interrogation sur un unanimisme et un manichéisme médiatique qui a duré trop longtemps… Mais c’est vraiment un très léger contrepoint au discours officiel résolument pro-opposition. Continue reading

Paris Meeting to Raise Pressure on Syria, Ban Urges Expanded Observers Mission

Foreign ministers of 14 countries meet on Thursday in Paris in order to intensify the pressure on Syria, as the United Nations Chief calls for expanded UN ceasefire observation mission in the country.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 13 fellow foreign ministers are to hold Syria talks, which France says will send a “strong” call to the regime to abide by a peace plan.

Announcing the meeting, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said the foreign ministers of the United States, Germany, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia would be among those taking part in the meeting
The assembled ministers would send Damascus “a message of firmness and support for Kofi Annan”, the joint UN-Arab League envoy pushing the peace plan in Syria, Juppe added.

“The obstacles to the UN observers’ mission that Damascus is putting in place and the Syrian regime’s continued repression, contrary to its commitments, calls for a strong reaction from the international community”.

Asked if Russia would attend, foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said the meeting “is not a substitute for the work of the (UN) Security Council”, so not all council members had been invited. Continue reading