Barack Obama Filed A Fraudulent Birth Certificate At Official Government Website


State Of The Nation

Richard Nixon probably knew nothing about the Watergate burglary before it took place in 1972.

Richard Nixon was then corralled into a coverup he really had very little to do with except knowing about the coverup, which was implemented by those in his administration who betrayed him.

Richard Nixon was then impeached and lambasted by every major mainstrem media (MSM) outlet in the country as if in unison.

This expose in no way absolves Richard Nixon of any proven wrongful conduct; his story only serves for comparison’s sake to what has unfolded in the presidential life of the current president.

Let’s fast forward to the presidential election cycle of 2008. A presidential candidate knowingly neglects – no, belligerently refuses – to submit his original birth certificate as evidence of being a natural born citizen of the USA. This basic qualification is a constitutional requirement and the documentation has been furnished by candidates since the inception of the US presidential electoral process.

Now, fast forward again to the presidential election season of 2011/2012. This same candidate is compelled to perform to some level of constitutional compliance by another candidate for the presidency. In 2011 Donald Trump raised a furor over President Obama’s lack of transparency regarding his birth certificate. Barack Obama – a constitutional lawyer – responded by posting a forged and fraudulent birth certificate. The published false copy of his birth certificate has been picked apart by numerous technical experts, and even neophytes in the electronic document business, for its obvious failings to measure up to a legitimate document.

How did we get here? How does a nation permit a sitting president to commit a felony in broad daylight under the most intense media scrutiny of the day?! How does the MSM, as if by taking orders from some hidden power, blatantly ignore all the obvious evidence downloaded into the public domain via the internet?!

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