Syria: The weapons’ ship. Who funded it… How it passed through Turkey.. and how it was seized

Dawood Rammal for Assafir Newspaper

The Lebanese army navy seizure of the smuggled weapons’ ship which was on its way to Tripoli (Lebanese one) port, remained the subject of active follow up on the internal level, first, because of the huge volume of the shipment of weapons, second, because of what it implies as an indicator that SOME are working on indulging Lebanon in the Syrian crisis, and adopt it as a corridor to support the opposition and arming it.

While the ship “Lutfalla – 2” was caught red-handed, but what happened makes us wonder if any other ships managed in the past to “sneak” through the Lebanese waters, and breach the policy of self-distance, therefore reaching the place of discharge.

While the investigation continues with the ship’s crew to know the backgrounds of the arms shipments and the destination party, a judicial source revealed to “Assafir” newspaper the data available so far, which are allowed to be said to the public, saying: “The ship and the weapons shipments funders are two Syrian business men living in Saudi Arabia, and the ship’s owner is of Syrian nationality, and the Captain is Syrian as well, and all of them are from the Syrian opposition”.. Continue reading