SANA.SY URLs are back online

Sana usual URLs are back on.

English >>

Arabic >>

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What happened with Sana links lately is quite weird hence we must keep watching out, just in case… as advised yesterday :

if Nato is behind this host server; they could be posting true info for a few days so people think it’s the usual SANA providing us with information and then start a massive psy ops. They would keep using the same terms as SANA when talking about the western-Gulf backed terrorists (also labelling them as terrorists) but provide fake reports about those rebels making tremendous pushes into various cities, make up stories about massive defection in the government and the Syrian Arab Army, say that Bashar Al Assad fled, used chemical weapons on its people and so on…

Actually, this is a real possibility. Remember the ministry of information warning Syrian people that fake channels could be taking over the official ones to spread lies.

Hence, please beware and don’t fall into the trap (if this is one).