Walid al-Moallem meets Salehi in Damascus

An exclusive source declared to Breaking News Network  that the Foreign Minister of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, has arrived to Damascus International Airport this morning.

Salehi, and after his arrival, has met the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Walid al-Moallem. Moreover, Salehi is expected to meet later from today the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

Media sources have stated that the discussions will revolve about finding political peaceful resolutions to the Syrian Crisis.

On the other hand, Walid al-Moallem is to be in New York next week to attend the meeting of the UN General Assembly. Continue reading

Syrian official delegation visits Iran, discusses bilateral relations and means to develop them in all fields

TEHRAN– Iranian Vice President Ali Saeedlou and Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs and Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji affirmed the importance of Syrian-Iranian relations and the need to develop them in all fields.

During the first official meeting with members of the Syrian governmental delegation headed by Ghalawanji which is currently visiting Iran, the two sides called for uniting efforts to improve cooperation, denouncing the campaign of misdirection and the terrorism targeting the Syrian people and the country’s public and private establishments.

They also affirmed that Syria will emerge victorious thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, the steadfastness of its people, and the help of its loyal friends across the world.

VP Saeedlou affirmed that Iran supports the Syrian leadership, government and people in their confrontation with the global war waged against them because of their firm stances, support for resistance and refusal to be subjugated by foreign dictates, stressing that Iran is ready to support Syria on all levels.

In turn, Ghalawanji pointed out to the vicious war targeting Syria and its regional role, affirming that Syria’s people and leadership are determined to move forward with reform and combating terrorism.

On a relevant note, Ghalawanji and Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi discussed bilateral relations and issues of mutual interest, affirming the need to work together to deal with the challenges facing the two countries due to the policies of hegemony adopted by western countries towards the region in general and Syria in particular. Continue reading

Russia will continue to supply weapons to Syria by contracts

Bastion coastal missile (Photo from sukhoi.ru)

In keeping with its contractual obligations, Russia will continue to supply Syria with arms and military hardware, including anti-aircraft defense systems, a top Russian official in charge of military-technical cooperation has told reporters.

“Russia has its obligations to Syria under contracts that had been previously signed,” Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, the head of the Military Technical Cooperation service, told reporters at the Farnborough air show.

Dzirkaln also mentioned contracts related to the “delivery of anti-aircraft weapons,” as well as helicopters serviced in Russia. Continue reading

Syria warns NATO of conspiring against Damascus

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi

Syria has warned NATO against conspiring with Turkey against Damascus in their upcoming meeting on the shooting down by Syria of a Turkish jet fighter

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said on Monday that the Turkish F-4 jet had “violated Syrian sovereignty” and that the country’s military response was an act of self-defense. He also said that the plane failed to indentify itself.

”The Turkish warplane violated Syrian airspace, and in turn Syrian air defenses fired back and the plane crashed inside Syrian territorial waters,” Makdissi told a news conference in Damascus, adding that Syria is committed to good neighborly relations with Turkey and that the side which has damaged bilateral relations between the two countries is not Damascus.”

His remarks came as NATO ambassadors are due to discuss Continue reading

Allaw: Venezuelan Oil Tanker Loaded with 35000 Tons of Diesel Arrived in Syria

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Sufian Allaw, stressed on Wednesday that a Venezuelan oil tanker loaded with 35000 tons of diesel arrived on Monday, adding that Venezuela is preparing another tanker to head to Syria.

Concerning gas, Allaw said during a press conference that Syria’s gas production covers 50% of demand, pointing out that negotiations are underway to import gas from Iran and Algeria to compensate for gas shortage.

Allaw revealed that the Syrian oil sector has lost USD 4 billion because of the oppressive EU and US sanctions on oil exports and imports since last September.

The Minister added that the joint Syrian-Russian Committee in Moscow would discuss the possibility of signing a long-term contract with Russia to supply fuel and gas to Syria. Continue reading