Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up

US Ambassador’s Killing Had Nothing to Do With Al Qaeda, Islamist Blowback or Anti-Islamic Video

By Mark Robertson and Finian Cunningham

Global Research, September 20, 2012

The NATO powers and the bureaucrats they installed in Libya want you to think that all 5.6 million Libyans are happy that NATO and its proxy terrorists destroyed Libya, a country which under Gaddafi had the highest standard of living in Africa.

They want you to think that NATO brought “freedom and democracy” to Libya, not chaos and death.

They want you to think that there is no Green Resistance to the NATO imperialists or NATO’s Islamist allies in Benghazi. 

In reality, the Resistance has been increasingly active since shortly after the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011, as will be shown below. They strike any NATO target they can, and they execute key Libyans who betrayed Gaddafi and sided with NATO. The Benghazi incident was merely their latest blow against what they see as NATO’s illegal occupation of their country.

Everyone in Libya knows about the Green Resistance, whose members are called “Tahloob” (Arabic for “Gaddafi loyalists”). The denial only happens outside of Libya, by the NATO powers and their dutiful Western mainstream media.

Because of this denial, and because most of the world’s people have forgotten about Libya, the internet is filled with blind guesses, unfounded claims, and ridiculous counterclaims regarding the Benghazi incident last week in which US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and at least three other American personnel were killed. And the NATO lie factory is operating at full blast.


The Obama regime says “protesters” irate over an anti-Islam video did it.

The NATO-installed bureaucrats in Libya say that “foreign extremists” did it. Continue reading

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave?

Apparently, there is nothing so permanent as a temporary US war

by John Glaser (Source: Antiwar)
The Obama administration has ordered military reinforcements to Libya following the attack on the US consulate building this week, but the truth is drones had never left Libya’s skies and US Marines have been carrying out missions on the ground since the end of NATO’s war there last year.

The US suspects al-Qaeda affiliates were involved in starting the attack on the US consulate in Libya, which killed the American ambassador and three others, and has not only started an FBI investigation into the incident, but has ordered more drones to surveil Libya, as well as up to 50 additional US Marines and US warships equipped with Tomahawk missiles off the northern coast.

But the Defense Department toldWired‘s Danger Room that the drones never left, despite the fact that the NATO air war in Libya came to an end almost a year ago.

“Yes, we have been flying CAPs [combat air patrols] since the war ended,” said Army Lt. Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman. These have apparently been done for surveillance purposes with the consent of the new Libyan government. Continue reading

Khamenei: What is happening in Syria is a war between colonialism and supporting resistance

TEHRAN– Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei said that what is currently taking place in Syria is a war between the front of colonialism on one side and the front of supporting the resistance on the other.

During a meeting with Lebanese religious scholars in Tehran on Tuesday, Khamenei said that the Syrian people are the ones bearing the effects of this war, meaning that the ones suffering the most losses and damage are the very ones whom the colonialist countries claim to want to help and liberate.

He affirmed absolute conviction that this ordeal will pass and that the Syrian people will overcome it.

Similarly, during his meeting with the Lebanese Scholar, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that Iran is maintaining contact with many countries, particularly Turkey, to resolve the crisis in Syria, voicing hope that a solution that satisfies all sides in Syria will be reached. Continue reading

President Ahmadinejad : “Hegemons are sharing out Libya”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the Western powers that launched a military campaign against Libya are now apportioning the country’s extensive reserves among themselves.

Ahmadinejad made the remarks in an address to thousands of well-wishers in the city of Birjand, in the eastern province of South Khorasan, on Tuesday.

“I have it on good authority that they (the hegemonistic powers) are now sharing the reserves and works in Libya in order to plunder the money of the people of the country. They have come to plunder the terrain of Libya, and this is a great danger,” Ahmadinejad stated.

“They made attempts to gain control over Libyan people and their resources and wealth with a piece of paper issued by the discredited Security Council, but they are quite mistaken,” he added.

NATO has completely destroyed Libya, and “by looking at the scene, their objectives become clear for us,” Ahmadinejad said, adding, “Gaining control over Libya and imposing non-revolutionaries and unpopular rulers on the Libyan nation are among those objectives.”

“The hegemonistic powers are seeking to defuse their economic crisis through plundering (other countries’ wealth) and establishing dominance over other countries, and they are now seeking to gain control over Libya’s oil (reserves),” he stated.

He added, “The dominance of outsiders over the country will not allow Libyan people to experience Continue reading

Lybia, Yes I can (Video – Viewer discretion is advised)

Please spread this video around, create awareness on Libya’s war. Post it on your websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, everywhere you can ! People need to know what is going on in Libya; and what their illegitimate governments are inflicting on the peaceful Libyans. Another Imperialist war for oil and financial control over the whole african continent.

Gaddafi speech english translation ( October the 6th )


” The great tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi are strong and well armed. They will never be defeated because honorable people cannot and will never be subjugated!

The people of Libya, the true Libyans, will never accept invasion and colonization.

We will fight for our freedom and are prepared for much sacrifice. The traitors, the colonizers and NATO’s armies will all be defeated!

The traitors have lost trust and confidence between themselves and their masters. They cannot continue because they are divided and intrinsically vulnerable.

The NTC, who gave them legitimacy?

How did they obtain legitimacy?

Did the Libyan people elect them?

Did the Libyan people appoint them?

And if only the power of NATO bombs and fleets grant legitimacy, then let all the rulers in the Third World beware for the same fate awaits you!

To those who recognize this council as legitimate, beware!

There will be transitional councils created everywhere and imposed upon you and one by one, you shall all fall!

I urge all Libyan people to go out and march in their millions in all the squares, in all the cities, villages and oases.

Go peacefully.

Be courageous.

Rise up!

Go to the streets!

Raise our proud Green flag to the skies!

Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory! “

Source: Libya 360

Statement by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad at the 66th UN General Assembly

Transcript below: 

Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful to the Almighty Allah who granted me, once more, the opportunity to appear before this world assembly. I have the pleasure to express my sincere thanks to H.E. Joseph Deiss, president of the sixty-fifth session for his tremendous efforts during his tenure. I also would like to congratulate H.E Nassir Abdulaziz AI-Nasser on his election as the president of sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly and wish him all success. Continue reading

Muammar Gaddafi: Libya will never belong to traitors, Libya will be a hell for them

Message by the Leader of the Revolution broadcast on Bani Walid radio on September 26

To Libya and its free people: Glory to you, greatest heroes of Libya! You carry the blood of your ancestors with pride.

The media are telling lies, they say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, then they say that I am in Niger — but I am here with you. Continue reading

Italy 's shameful colonial behaviour regarding Libya : From Left to Right From North to South

Italy had no say in the war of aggression against Libya. As Berlusconi said the war in Libya was pushed by very powerful men. Yet Italy was persuaded to join on promises it will keep its privileged economic ties to the attacked country. Dr Paul Craig Roberts affirms that the attack on Libya is reminiscent of the strangulation of Japan by cutting its access to energy resources that the US & UK practised & backfired into WW2. This time the target is China: Anyone but the Chinese will be allowed to exploit Libya. Italy political class from Left to Right from North to South feasts now on the absurd prospects of renewing its colonial influence in Libya. The Libyan people are just the indigenous population of a land that belongs to Italy. Psychopaths & Sociopaths continue to rule in the Italian peninsula.

Italy moves to secure its share of the booty in Libya

14.09.2011. By Marianne Arens

Italy is not prepared to yield its traditional influence in Libya to its rivals. Italian business and political circles take for granted their right to decide on the future of the oil and gas wealth of the country’s former colony.

“Italy will be the first partner of Libya, as it always has been,” Foreign Minister Franco Frattini declared September 3 at an economic forum in Cernobbio on Lake Como. “Italy will always maintain its first place.” Continue reading