Congress may vote ‘No’ on Syria attack

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While President Barack Obama attempts to drum up support overseas for a potential strike against Syria, lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives appear not all that likely to authorize the use of military force.

Obama is currently meeting with international leaders in Russia at the annual G-20 meeting, where he is reportedly lobbying foreign representatives to rally behind a US-led strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad. As American politicians prepare to vote on whether or not they should authorize such an attack, however, Obama’s cause is quickly losing support in Congress.

According to analysis conducted Think Progress, lawmakers in the House are leaning towards a “no” vote with regards to approving a strike against Assad to retaliate against his alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilian last month outside of Damascus.

Compared to earlier in the week, lawmakers in the House are now more likely to vote against authorizing a strike. The website reported Thursday morning that 199 US representatives are expected to shut-down any strike against Syria, with 49 lawmakers in the House looking towards voting yes.


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Think Progress says their latest research reveals a drastic change that has occurred literally overnight. According to their reporters, 30 new lawmakers are now likely to vote against a strike, while the group of those expected to approve military action has only accumulated three new representatives since the previous day.

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By Lord Monckton, WND

Exclusive: Lord Monckton predicts accountability on ‘birth certificate’ will come soon

Mike Zullo, the volunteer chief investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., is not letting go. Like a bulldog, he continues to investigate the outrageously bogus “birth certificate” Mr. Obama personally endorsed as his own when it was posted at the White House website a year before the last presidential election.

Recently, Zullo gave a briefing to the Constitutional Sheriffs’ and Peace Officers’ Association setting out just some of the evidence that the document must be a forgery.

One of the many bombshells he dropped was the news that a certified document examiner with 20 years’ experience had closely examined the “birth certificate” and had concluded that it was the most obvious forgery he had seen in those 20 years.

The examiner was not making a party political point, for he is a registered Democrat.

Mike Zullo’s investigation has now continued for almost two years. He has amassed many thousands of pages of evidence. His draft investigation report is already more than 300 pages long, and he reckons it will be 700 pages before it is complete.

There is some explosive evidence that he has not yet disclosed, because it concerns third parties who may be connected with the forgery.

His determination is commendable. But there is one question the Obots raise that now needs an answer. If it is so very plain that the “birth certificate” is forged, why has Sheriff Arpaio been unable to put the matter before any court? Why is Obama still in the White House and not in the jailhouse?

Part of the answer lies in the terrified reluctance even of Fox News to cover the story properly. Fox calls itself “fair, balanced, and unafraid.” But it is afraid. Very afraid.

A concerned citizen sent every congressman, every senator, every state governor and attorney general, every member of Obama’s Cabinet, every member of the Democratic and Republican National Committees and every member of the Supreme Court a copy of my own briefing paper summarizing the evidence for forgery. Fewer than half a dozen replies were received. There are a lot of fraidy-cats in your governing class.

I asked one congressman why he had done nothing about the forgery. He replied: “It is unquestionably a forgery. We all know that. But you, with your experience of what the left will do to the reputations of those who challenge it, know that if any of us were to raise this issue we would be subjected to the same hatred, vilification and organized reputational damage that you have had to endure because you challenged them on climate change.”

He added, “Scientifically and economically, your challenge was correct. But they didn’t care about that. They did their level best to trash your reputation anyway. I value my reputation, and I dare not take the risk of having it destroyed.”

So there is no media pressure to bring the matter to court, and no political pressure either. A state of such fear and funk now subsists in the United States that no one will touch the birth certificate issue.

And that is a shame, because the in-your-face forged “birth certificate” is arguably the biggest news story of our generation. In defiance of your Constitution, the current occupant of the White House clings to office even though his endorsement of the bogus document creates serious doubt about whether he is entitled to hold that office, and still more serious doubt about his fitness to hold it even if he were constitutionally entitled.

Naturally, the Obots have done their best to interfere with the sheriff’s investigation. A trumped-up Justice Department investigation of him for allegedly doing his job eventually ran into the sand. And an attempt to recall him almost immediately after he was handsomely re-elected has also now failed.

Now that other sheriffs and law enforcement officers have had some elements of the fraud explained to them, even if Mike Zullo and the sheriff were unable to persuade the attorney general of Arizona to do his constitutional duty, it is now clear that Obama will not survive the fraud.

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The symbolism of CIA Director Brennan being sworn in with hand on Constitution without Bill of Rights

Vice President Joe Biden swears in CIA Director John Brennan in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, March 8, 2013. (Image credit: Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

By Madison Ruppert, Editor End the Lie

There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the swearing-in ceremony of John Brennan as director of the CIA during which he took his oath of office with his hand on the original draft of the US Constitution which, most notably, did not include the Bill of Rights.

Some see this as quite symbolic given the extreme rejection of the most essential rights by the current administration, most notably the wild interpretation of the concept of due process, the claimed authority to kill Americans even when there is no clear evidence of terrorist activity and the claimed authority to indefinitely detain Americans without charge or trial.

The White House wrote, “Brennan was sworn in with his hand on an original draft of the Constitution, dating from 1787, which has George Washington’s personal handwriting and annotations on it.”

Why is that problematic?

“That means, when Brennan vowed to protect and defend the Constitution, he was swearing on one that did not include the First, Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendments — or any of the other Amendments now included in our Constitution,” Marcy Wheeler of Empty Wheel points out.

“The Bill of Rights did not become part of our Constitution until 1791, 4 years after the Constitution that Brennan took his oath on.

Keep in mind, Brennan is referred to as the chief architect of the Obama administration’s highly contentious open-ended drone program.

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L’art de la guerre. « I have a dream »: l’écroulement des USA (ou l’inversement des pouvoirs politiques mondiaux)

par Manlio Dinucci

Enfin –après avoir été victimes pendant plus de deux siècles de guerres, invasions et coups d’état de la part des Etats-Unis- les peuples d’Asie, Afrique et Amérique latine ont décidé qu’il est temps d’en finir. L’idée géniale a été celle d’adopter les mêmes méthodes que celles de Washington, mais pour une juste cause. On a ainsi constitué un Groupe d’action pour les Etats-Unis qui, grâce à des réunions d’experts, a élaboré le plan, dénommé « stratégie du Grand Occident ». L’intervention a été motivée ainsi :  aux USA est au pouvoir depuis plus de deux siècles le même président qui, en se personnifiant d’une fois sur l’autre en un homme politique républicain ou démocrate, représente les mêmes intérêts de l’élite dominante. La Communauté internationale doit donc agir pour mettre fin à ce régime dictatorial. Se préparant à déposer le président Obama, une commission de dissidents a écrit une nouvelle Constitution des Etats unis d’Amérique, qui garantit une réelle démocratie à l’intérieur et une politique extérieure respectueuse des droits des autres peuples. En même temps (avec l’aide de consultants experts cubains, irakiens et libyens) le Groupe d’action a imposé un embargo de fer aux Etats-Unis, congelant tous les capitaux étasuniens et fermant toutes les activités des multinationales étasuniennes à l’étranger, y compris les fast food McDonald’s et les distributeurs de Coca-Cola. A la suite du blocage des spéculations financières et de l’exploitation de la main d’œuvre et des matières premières d’Asie, Afrique et Amérique latine, Wall Street s’est effondrée et l’économie étasunienne a coulé dans la crise. Le Mexique a été obligé d’ériger une barrière métallique le long de la frontière, surveillée par des véhicules et hélicoptères armés, pour empêcher que des clandestins étasuniens n’entrent dans son territoire à la recherche de travail. Continue reading

Nouvelle constitution en Islande : la conspiration du silence…

L’Islande a terminé l’année 2011 avec une croissance économique de 2,1% et devrait, selon les prévisions de la Commission européenne, atteindre le taux de 2,7% en 2013 grâce principalement à la création de nouveaux emplois. 
L’Islande est le seul pays européen qui a rejeté par référendum le sauvetage des banques privées, laissant s’effondrer certaines d’entre elles et jugeant de nombreux banquiers pour leurs crimes financiers mais curieusement les médias français et européens n’en parlent pas ou très peu…
Il n’y a pas de censure officiellement dans les médias presse, radio ou télé mais les journalistes et experts de tous bords, si prompts à parler de ce qui se passe en Egypte, en Lybie ou en Syrie, ne disent absolument rien sur ce qui se passe en Islande. En a-t-on parlé dans les nombreux débats politiques en vue de l’élection présidentielle ? A-t-on vu des images à la TV ? Bien sûr que non car les citoyens européens pourraient avoir la mauvaise idée de s’en inspirer…
En Islande, le peuple a fait démissionner un gouvernement au grand complet. Les principales banques ont été nationalisées et il a été décidé de ne pas payer la dette qu’elles avaient contractée auprès de banques en Grande Bretagne et en Hollande, dette générée par leur mauvaise politique financière.
– 2008 : Les banques Glitnir, Landsbankinn et Kaupthing sont nationalisées pour éviter leur faillite plutôt que d’injecter inconditionnellement des capitaux publics, comme en Espagne ou dans les autres pays européens. L’ensemble des dettes de l’Islande égale alors 9 fois son PIB. La monnaie s’effondre et la bourse suspend ses activités après une baisse de 76%.
– 2009 : Le FMI, comme à son habitude, exige, en échange de mesures dites “d’ ajustement” des coupures dans les dépenses sociales qui provoquent la colère de la population, la chute du gouvernement et la convocation d’élections anticipées.
La gauche remporte la majorité absolue, provoquant l’effondrement du Parti de l’Indépendance, un parti conservateur qui était traditionnellement la force dominante dans le pays et qui ne conserve que 23,7% des voix. Johanna Siguroardottir est choisi pour diriger le gouvernement réunissant des sociaux-démocrates et les écologistes de gauche.  Continue reading

NYPD and Pentagon to place mobile scanners on the streets on NYC

New York City’s war on freedom could be adding a new weapon to its arsenal, especially if NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has his say.

The head of the New York Police Department is working with the Pentagon to secure body scanners to be used throughout the Big Apple.

If Kelly gets his wish, the city will be receiving a whole slew of Terahertz Imagining Detection scanners, a high-tech radiation detector that measures the energy that is emitted from a persons’ body. As CBS News reports, “It measures the energy radiating from a body up to 16 feet away, and can detect anything blocking it, like a gun.”

What it can also do, however, is allow the NYPD to conduct illegal searches by means of scanning anyone walking the streets of New York. Any object on your person could be privy to the eyes of the detector, and any suspicious screens can prompt police officers to search someone on suspicion of having a gun, or anything else under their clothes.

According to Commissioner Kelly, the scanners would only be used in “reasonably suspicious circumstances,” but what constitutes “suspicious” in the eyes of the NYPD could greatly differ from what the 8 million residents of the five boroughs have in mind.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already questioned the NYPD over what they say is an unnecessary precaution that raises more issues than it solves.

“It’s worrisome. It implicates privacy, the right to walk down the street without being subjected to a virtual pat-down by the Police Department when you’re doing nothing wrong,” Donna Lieberman of the NYCLU says to CBS.

The scanners also raise the question of whether such searches would even be legal under the US Constitution. Under the Fourth Amendment, Americans are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. Does scoping out what’s on someone’s person fall under the same category as a hands-on frisk, though?

To the NYPD, it might not matter. In the first quarter of 2011, more than 161,000 innocent New Yorkers were stopped and interrogated on the streets of the city. Figures released by the NYPD in May of last year revealed that of the over 180,000 stop-and-frisk encounters reported by the police department, 88 percent of them ended in neither an arrest nor a summons, leading many to assume that New York cops are already going above and beyond the law by searching seemingly anyone they chose. Additionally, of those 161,000-plus victims, around 84 percent were either black or Latino. At the time, the ACLU’s Lieberman wrote, “The NYPD is turning black and brown neighborhoods across New York City into Constitution-free zones.”

Given the alarming statistics, many already feel that officers within the ranks of the NYPD are overzealous with their monitoring of New Yorkers, regularly stopping them for unknown suspicions that nearly nine-out-of-ten times prove false. With the installation of the Terahertz Imagining Detection scanners though, those invasive physical searches wouldn’t just be replaced with a touchless, more intrusive monitoring, but will only allow New Yorkers one more reason to fear walking the streets. Continue reading