Barack Obama – Dishonest, Incompetent And Corrupt


By Frosty Wooldridge, BeforeItsNews

“It is very sad that our first African-American president will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive president ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.” Email sent by Daniel Johns

When historians investigate the rise, failure and fall of Barack Obama, they will uncover a plethora of unpleasant realities that Americans on both sides of the political aisle refused to investigate. Clearly, power brokers awarded him a free pass from personal accountability and responsibility because of his skin color. Obama never showed competence as a business man, or running a company, as a distinguished educator, honored lawyer or success at anything other than rhetoric.

His only job before ascending to the position of U.S. Senator from Illinois: community organizer. Before that, he lived out of the United States in Muslim countries and attended Islamic schools until the age of 11 or so. No one knows. He “earned” sub-par grades in high school and in college at Columbia and Harvard. No one knows where he acquired the money to attend such prestigious and expensive institutions—or how he obtained scholarships or passed entrance tests to merit admission. In fact, no one knows anything of his youth other than he smoked or snorted a lot of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. That’s about the only thing he ever admitted.

In order to cover his past, he employed an armada of lawyers who sealed his records from public scrutiny.

In fact, Obama voluntarily surrendered his law license because the “law” would have revoked it in light of illegal dealings at some point in Chicago. In other words, his propensity for corruption started early from lying about his birth certificate, his passport and his real father.

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Hail to President Obama! To Hell with President Obama!

By Solonsays at Lawrence Sinclair LSNews


As harvest time approaches for the orange crop in Florida, a grove owner hires a harvester to pick the fruit from a particular stand of trees. After returning an hour later, he discovers to his amazement that the harvester has picked the weeds around the trees instead of the fruit. When questioned why he did not pick the fruit, the harvester replied that he needed a ladder to pick the fruit in the top of the tree. But why didn’t you pick the low hanging fruit, asks the grove owner?

And so goes the Obama Presidency, why hasn’t President Obama attempted to pick the low hanging fruit that is desperately needed by the working class of America to reinvigorate their standard of living. The working class is being sucked lifeless by trade agreements, Federal Reserve policies, tax avoidance schemes and Wall Street’s derivative hegemony now exceeding several hundred trillion dollars.

Why hasn’t he tried to use his bully pulpit to articulate significant working class issues and fire a few well aimed shots at the evilness of some of the profound Republican anti-worker policy positions benefiting Corporations and the tax avoidance syndicate abusing the powers of government for their self interests?

Republicans, partnered with Corporations and a tax avoidance syndicate, are abusing the powers of government to wage the most aggressive class warfare campaign in the history of America against the working class. Even though historical amounts of wealth rest on their balance sheets from financial chicanery and tax avoidance, they continue to press forward with schemes to embezzle and dictate working class retirement benefits as a means to enhance their already bloated balance sheets.

And yet, Republicans incessantly talk about the evils of Big Government when they themselves are using the powers of government to destroy the standard of living of millions of Americans to enhance their own personal wealth. In addition, their assault on regulations, which in effect are social protections, is just another devious act to transfer more corporate costs and liabilities to the public.

The other political party is a close facsimile enabling the Republican wealth grab. Democrats personify a Judas that has enabled the Corporate-Government Partnership exploiting the working class to breed and thrive in conjunction with the tax avoidance syndicate. Today, we find that President Obama and Democrats continue to flush the most important bread and butter issues negatively impacting the working class down the toilet. The enormous hypocrisy surrounding President Obama and the Democratic Party as legitimate representatives of the working class is enough to make a skeptic of every shoe shine stand LLC owner in America.

How comic to wail against Wall Street when President Obama’s personally chosen tax cheating Secretary of the Treasury is the current government Consigliore to Wall Street. How comic to propose a small tax on millionaires after supporting the renewal of the Bush tax cuts. President Obama’s rhetorical blasphemy on issues impacting the working class takes no breath.

The wailing and talking points of President Obama and Democrats are nothing more than a stonewalling exercise that qualifies as a cover up of the real corruption that plagues our government. Any reform minded President, working in partnership with an honest Secretary of the Treasury, an honest Attorney General and an honest FBI Director could end much the corruption that permeates all branches of our government in a very short period of time. Why has President Obama failed to lead a major investigation and prosecution against the banking industry when thousands of volumes of crime evidence are a matter of public record?

Not only has the banking malfeasance been put off limits by President Obama and given national security protection, but he has placed every major issue negatively impacting the working class off limits or has addressed the issue in such minimalist fashion that it equates to stonewalling that shields political corruption from scrutiny.

Here is a list of important working class issues that have been fumbled, deliberately sabotaged or placed off limits by President Obama and the leadership of the Democrats:

1. auditing and limiting the power of the Federal Reserve that has for too long destroyed the purchasing power of the working class with their monetary policies,

2. curbing the use of speculative derivatives that now exceeds several hundred trillion dollars as they drive up the price of our living expenses and threaten the financial security of America while generating synthetic wealth for Wall Street clients,

3. renewing the Bush tax cuts without proposing any meaningful tax reform that would move America toward a fair and balanced tax system,

4. holding the nation’s fully funded supplemental retirement Trust Funds hostage to a budget negotiation that allows them to be embezzled by the tax avoidance syndicate,

5. remaining silent on lobbyist reform until 60 Minutes easily discovered an insider trading and conflict of interest scandal making millions of dollars for the Congress and its staff,

6. adding more unbalanced trade agreements that will destroy more working class jobs rather than renegotiating the unbalanced trade agreements already in place that have decimated America’s manufacturing base,

7. curbing the government protected corporate price gouging practices in the health care and banking industries such as the artificial price of drugs and rates of usury the public is forced to pay to prop up industry profits that serve as investments for the political class,

8. reforming the CIA and military industrial complex so as to terminate the production cycle of political wars that are created to benefit the military industrial complex, energy companies and the State of Israel.

In the face of Obama’s historical election, we have discovered over the past three and one-half years a mismatch of Presidential character, vision and capability for the times. America was duped into electing a reformist imposter who has chosen to stay the course of the Corporate-Government Partnership and has squandered all of his political capital on Obamacare.

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