Terrorists Confesses Having Shot against Demonstrators as to Accuse Army

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – terrorist Nasser Salah al-Din al-Tal admitted that he and a group of armed terrorists fired against demonstrations at al-Zabadani City in Damascus Governorate as to accuse the Army and Security Forces.

Terrorist al-Tal, interviewed by Syrian TV yester night, also admitted perpetrating scores of killing crimes against the citizens.

Terrorist al-Tal along with the terrorist armed groups fired at a demonstration near al-Jiser Mosque, killing scores of citizens, among whom the names of Raed al-Habalti, Jamal Shouman, abo Mahmoud al-Hamoui.

Terrorist al-Tal spoke about financial support provided to the terrorist groups, telecommunication means, and arms used by the terrorist groups including US-made snipers, RBG and Israeli made weapons smuggled via Lebanon.

Earlier the Syrian TV aired two stories narrated by two Syrian taxi drivers: Issam al-Awani and Shadi Mohammad al-abdallah, who were kidnapped by armed terrorist groups in Homs.

al-Awani said that he was forced by the terrorists under threats of death to present himself as a ‘deserter officer’ to be filmed in an interview with a foreign media outlet: BBC according to the kidnappers, reported al-Awani.

al-Awani and al-abdallah were released during security forces pursuit of the armed terrorists groups .

Syria for more than 9 months has been witnessing a surge in terrorist attacks against Syrian citizens, army and security forces’ personnel and headquarters. The attacks, backed by foreign powers according to different sources, are part of a sinister scheme as to weaken Syria’s Arab and national resistant stances.

By Al-Ibrahim

Source: SANA 

The News Of Libya: October the 1st 2011 (12h50)

Two days ago, the Libyan forces have organized an action in Tripoli. Yesterday, reports from the field, said that Khamis Al-Qadhafi has given an ultimatum to the mercenaries and their masters before the “cleaning of Tripoli.” To show who was “the boss”, he destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA. The headquarters of the Resistance reported that documents were seized and taken to safety. These documents outline the proof of the direct participation of the United States of America in the crimes against Libya. Continue reading