Venezuela’s acting ambassador murdered in Nairobi

Venezuela’s acting ambassador to Kenya, Olga Fonseca, has been strangled to death at her official residence in Nairobi.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday, saying it “expresses its deepest regret at the unfortunate passing of the citizen Olga Arelis Fonseca Gimenez.”

The statement called the killing “deplorable” and “violent” and added, “Fonseca had a brilliant diplomatic career.

She was recognized for her impeccable personal and professional life, and for her services to just causes.

The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Fonseca reported to the Venezuelan Embassy in Nairobi on July 15 to replace Ambassador Gerardo Carillo-Silva. Officials in Caracas said she also represented Venezuela at UN agencies based in Nairobi and had responsibility for Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Source: Breaking News

HSBC exposed: Drug money banking, terror dealings

AFP Photo/Lionel Bonaventure

The international banking giant HSBC may have financed terrorist groups and allowed Mexican drug money into the US economy through its lax policies, a damning Senate report reveals.

The findings are the results of a year-long Senate probe into HSBC’s activities, highlighting negligence throughout the bank’s international structure. The probe will be published in a 340-page report in Washington on Tuesday, and senior members of the bank will be called to account for the allegations.

“HSBC used its US bank as a gateway into the US financial system for some HSBC affiliates around the world to provide US dollar services to clients while playing fast and loose with US banking rules,” said Senator Carl Levin in a press release. He added that the US branch of the corporation “exposed the United States to Mexican drug money, suspicious travelers’ checks, bearer share corporations, and rogue jurisdictions.”

“The culture at HSBC was pervasively polluted for a long time,” Senator Levin said.

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Senate approves indefinite detention and torture of Americans

The terrifying legislation that allows for Americans to be arrested, detained indefinitely, tortured and interrogated — without charge or trial — passed through the Senate on Thursday with an overwhelming support from 93 percent of lawmakers.

Only seven members of the US Senate voted against the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday, despite urging from the ACLU and concerned citizens across the country that the affects of the legislation would be detrimental to the civil rights and liberties of everyone in America. Under the bill, Americans can be held by the US military for terrorism-related charges and detained without trial indefinitely.

Additionally, another amendment within the text of the legislation reapproved waterboarding and other “advanced interrogation techniques” that are currently outlawed.

“The bill is an historic threat to American citizens,” Christopher Anders of the ACLU tells the Associated Press.

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