The “death” of Muammar Qaddafi – and not only his

By Sergey Kamenskiy

We still don’t know whether Muammar Qaddafi is dead or not, but considering the falsehood of the West and the Western media it likely may turn out to be just another disinformation operation. So let’s stop blabbering for the time being, ok?

And actually saying “thedeath of Qaddafi” is not true and is unjust. Death is when a person diesnaturally — whether in pain or in peace. In this case the entire world saw the painful death of a man caused by gun wounds and mutilations — because the person shown in the videos died in the heat of the battle, trying to escape from enemy encirclement.

We all saw in hazy videos how he was brutalized and killed by the ‘rats’, who were Libyan people and who may be considered as inhuman ‘aliens’. This was not death, this was slaughter.

But the slaughterers were powerfully helped and provided with Continue reading