1500 killed in Damascus, dozens annihilated in Homs

Gunman wounded with others flee the battlefield

Syrian Arab Army forces have inflicted heavy losses on the armed men in the western city of Homs, killing dozens of them.

Syrian soldiers launched an attack against members of an armed group in the al-Dousarieh neighborhood, and shot them dead.

A unit of the Syrian Army also clashed with a group of militants in the Rastan district of Homs and killed all of them.

Militant commander Mohammad Shneir was identified among the dead.

In addition, Syrian troops engaged in intense armed confrontations with Gunmen in the Talkalakh area of the city and killed dozens of them.

After the battle, Syrian soldiers seized a wide variety of heavy and light weapons that the militants had been using.

Moreover, the Syrian Army soldiers have killed more than 1500 insurgents in al-Hajar al-Aswad of Damascus.

The Insurgents have been killed in a qualitative operation for the Syrian Army in the very point.

The Syrian Army has confiscated all the arms and ammunition after the successful operation against the terrorists in al-Hajar al-Aswad. Continue reading