The Big Lie & Dirty War on Syria: the Foreign Subversive Army Massacres its Human Shields in Daraya

The mass media are toeing the official warmonger line on Syria and Daraya, citing “as yet unconfirmed activist reports” (fake tweets?) blaming “Assad’s forces.” Yet Syrian TV has broadcast eyewitness reports of the massacre perpetrated by the FSA (so-called “Free Syria Army”) before the Army arrived. Armed gangs roamed the streets, sniping and trying to get into homes. Multiple witnesses testified they did not dare to leave their homes until the Army arrived. One witness tells how civilians were rounded up and shot.

When the Army arrives, the terrorists are driven off, but not before taking a video of their own dead and calling it a ‘civilian massacre.’

The whole operation was evidently coordinated and tailor-made for the MEDIA — the warmongers of yellow journalism. The time has come to rename the MSM, or Mainstream Media, as the MMM — the Mass Murdering Media. Its purpose, to get NATO members to agree on a strike against Syria.

The USA has official training manuals for creating an insurgency, but they know that the Syrian government is way too popular and most of the Syrian people are way too smart for that. So they shipped foreign jihadists, dupes and mercenaries into Syria to destabilize the country, while the Mass Media continually create the ILLUSION of an uprising, harping on “opposition,” “protesters,” “civil war” and “democracy.”

They never mention that on one day last summer, 14 million Syrians out of a population of 22 million demonstrated in SUPPORT of their state against the Evil Empire. But that picture never makes it to the screens of the Orwellian Gulag of War is Peace, Bombing is Humanitarian.

Three days after the massacre, NATO used the media hysteria about the Daraya false flag massacre to call a secret meeting to approve a strike against Syria. Proof that the warmongering Mass Media are just a cog turning in the Military Industrial Complex.

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Eyewitnesses Reveal Daraya Massacre Carried Out By U.S.-Backed Rebels

Bloodshed the work of armed militants before Syrian troops arrived

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In an extraordinary account of the Daraya massacre by veteran journalist Robert Fisk, eyewitnesses reveal that it was U.S.-backed FSA rebels and not the Syrian Army who were responsible for the slaughter of 245 men, women and children.

The massacre, which took place last weekend, was instantly blamed on President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces by the global media despite video footage from the scene showing victims welcoming the presence of Syrian Army troops and blaming the violence on armed rebels.

Those eyewitness accounts have now been verified thanks to the courageous journalism of veteran reporter Robert Fisk, who is risking his life in his role as one of the few impartial media observers inside Syria.

In an article for the London Independent entitled Inside Daraya – how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre, Fisk reveals how he was able to talk to eyewitnesses independently of Syrian officials, all of whom said the violence was carried out by armed rebels before the Syrian Army even arrived in the town, which is five miles outside Damascus. Continue reading

Syria: opposition blames Daraya massacre on the army

Some 200 bodies were found in the town of Daraya outside Damascus, Syrian opposition activists reported blaming the massacre on pro-Assad forces. The opposition also claims that 370 people have been killed across Syria over the past 24 hours.
Opposition activists made a video footage showing the aftermath of the massacre and posted it online. They claim that the bodies were found in houses and basements around Daraya. Women and children are among the victims. The opposition insists that the civilians were killed by the army during house-to-house raids at the end of last week.

No independent confirmation has been made to these claims yet. Previously, opposition activists had been repeatedly caught red-handed staging fake massacre videos. The UN observer mission in Syria is over. The West and its allies in some Gulf monarchies did everything they could to expel international observers from the country. Russia strongly opposed the initiative, saying that the presence of UN observers was vital since they could have helped in shedding some light on the Daraya massacre.

There has been no response from state-run media on the issue. Their reports only say that the army forced rebels to leave Daraya. Earlier, Damascus reported that Daraya was occupied by militants who had been previously ousted from the capital. Daraya is a Sunni town, where opposition activists were said to hold their weapons and food supplies.

President Bashar Assad, though indirectly, commented on the incident by saying that his army is committed to withstand foreign conspiracy attacks. Analyst for the Institute of the Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Science, Boris Dolgov, comments:

“There is a core of good sense in Mr. Assad`s statement. Syria’s division into several states according to ethnic and religious groups has long been a much-talked about issue. What is the purpose? The division is necessary to weaken the Syria-Iran tandem and the Hezbollah Shia Islamic militant group and its wing in the Palestinian Authority which are openly supported by Damascus and Tehran.”

Some experts equal the Syrian crisis to the war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Many opposition activists in Syria are Islamists who receive strong support from the West and the Gulf. Exactly like mujahideen in Afghanistan three decades ago.

This all has resulted in the Syrian conflict now resembling a real war, says Sergei Demidenko, expert for the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis:

“Tensions are rising each day as well as the death toll. Both sides use all methods they have. Opposition activists are using Al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya channels as means of information warfare. Assad`s opponents won’t leave him for good. It means that new violent outbreaks and Damascus raids are very likely. Mercenaries are arriving in Syria, and regular arms supplies will probably continue for several more months.”

Opposition sources in Syria recently reported that Vice President Farouk a-Shara defected to the rebel side, which can be viewed as an episode of the information warfare. Mr. Shara took part in talks with an Iranian delegation in Damascus on Sunday, which resulted in the ultimatum: negotiations with the opposition can take place only after a ceasefire is agreed.

source: The Voice of Russia