Thousands celebrated in Libyan Liberation Day ??

According to NATO propaganda thousands of people celebrated the liberation day, also known as occupation day. But in reality, only hundreds, rather than thousands celebrated the fake liberation day. Mercenaries tried hard to bring people out, but only a hundred die hard NATO loyalists came out with the Monarch flag.

It was a day to mourn, because hundred cowards were celebrating the occupation of their nation, a day of rage because half of Libya in ruins, a day to weep because NATO turned Libya in to a slaughter house, half of a Tribe massacred in Sirte.

According to latest reports, Mercenaries have been ordered to hide their weapons and join the crowds because people are refusing to celebrate in such a day of shame.

Not even NATO propaganda could hide the fact that Libyans see this as day of rage, a day to mourn and a day to weep, one reporter was forced to tell the truth in Sirte when he said “I didn’t see a SINGLE local out on the streets celebrating the “new” Libya“.

Source: Ozyism