US Begins Overt Aid to Syrian Death Squads

Dr. Tarpley breaks down the latest events in Syria.

Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

Video: Dr. Webster Tarpley discusses the latest developments in Syria on Press TV.


Dr. Tarpley also recently appeared on “Spotlight Africa,” for the full audio, please visit Discussed was the consequences of NATO’s Libya campaign and the region-wide destabilization now taking place.

Lo que se esconde detrás del Ejército Libre Sirio

Cuando hablamos de la oposición siria, la primera imagen que nos viene a la cabeza es el Consejo Nacional Sirio. En este artículo no voy a hablar de este consejo creado por Qatar, Arabia Saudí, Turquía y Occidente, sino de su brazo militar, el llamado Ejército Libre Sirio.

Mientras que los medios occidentales y las cadenas árabes Al Jazeera y Al Arabiya, propiedad de Qatar y Arabia Saudí, respectivamente, informaron desde el principio que la revuelta del mencionado grupo armado estaba formándose con soldados desertores del Ejército regular sirio, la realidad es muy distinta.

Un año después de los primeros disturbios en Siria, el Ejército Libre Sirio se compone de unos cuantos desertores, un nutrido grupo de hermanos musulmanes nativos cegados por la llamada a la guerra santa hecha por algunos imanes saudíes y ratificada por Al Qaeda y, sobre todo, por mercenarios yihadistas y salafistas extranjeros reclutados por Al Qaeda y pagados por Qatar y Arabia Saudí, como ocurrió en Libia.

Se da la paradoja de que Al Qaeda vuelve a estar bajo la dirección de la CIA, que creó este ejército paramilitar transnacional y fundamentalista para luchar contra los soviéticos en Afganistán en el siglo pasado.

El gran campo de entrenamiento y avituallamiento se encuentra esta vez en Turquía, donde los servicios de inteligencia estadounidenses han desplegado toda su logística. Allí, comandos británicos y franceses y ’empresas de seguridad’ estadounidenses entrenan a los mercenarios yihadistas en las técnicas de guerra más avanzadas y les suministran las armas israelíes más sofisticadas. Toda esta ‘megaoperación fantasma’ es financiada con los petrodólares saudíes y qataríes. Continue reading

NATO organizes a full-scale war in Syria – covertly under the table

By Christoph R. Hörstel – nsnbc


Terrible background information comes from reliable sources in Amman and Ankara/Istanbul.

40-43’000 mercenaries are ready in Jordan to attack Syria. (1) Turkey has openly set up a mercenary recruitment office in Amman’s Mekkah Street. Since last early summer they are active in finding personnel to do dirty jobs in neighbouring Syria. This would certainly not have been possible under King Abdallah’s father Hussein.

But the youthful son, lacking the father’s truly exceptional political skills, obviously and simply falls victim to the bankruptcy-driven impetus of US-led NATO and their corruption-led Arab allies.

Where ist the much-beleaguered Ummah, where the oft-belittled Arab solidarity?

Once more the awe-stricken spectator is drawn to watch muslims kill muslims on Washingtons behalf. Unless this lesson is not only learned but heeded by anybody directing her or his prayers to Mekkah, there is no happy future for the Middle East.

Tomorrow’s referendum day will be used for heavy strikes.The constitution reform project, ending the Baath single-party rule, is a historical project born prematurely and under heavy strain. Very often these children die, especially if the right treatment and care is not available to both mother and child. The US-led NATO plus aggressive Arab partners, all with certain credibility gaps in questions of democracy and legal appearances, will use the ensuing bloodshed to put the full blame on the Assad government. The latter is caught in the ancient quagmire to either let go and step down in favour of Washington’s ill-advised, misguided and unstable patchwork “opposition” or sacrifice their own people. The honest reform-oriented opposition finds itself in the worst place, caught in the middle.

The obstacles against the honest Syrian leader, Bashaar al-Assad, who did not only not strive to get this most difficult an unrewarding job, but actively pursued a very different medical career in his youth, are high: Syria has not enjoyed much media freedom, power participation of the masses was traditionally low. How is he to counter inner and outer enemies, helped by foreign interference plus hostile irregular forces pushing in, doubled up by sanctions, secret payments to traitors, covert killings, terrorism of all kinds. Father Hafeez ruled by listening closely, applying shrewd common sense and balancing the necessary evils. Another genius at work – but under somewhat easier circumstances, it seems.

Nowadays all experience is relative: The twin super power competition granting stability is long gone. Master plans for sure-fired ways to steer through multi-challenges, like muddy and churned-up waters in bad weather between a rock and a hard place – these are rare.

Tomorrow’s “referendum battle” will be used to push for “humanitarian corridors”, which in turn will be misused as influx roads of the mercenaries – and to literally cut Syria to pieces. Already the “Red Crescent” commandos have reached the battleground of Homs. The author remembers well, how he toured Soviet-occupied Afghanistan in Saudi-paid spy-team driven ambulances, rattling with weapons and ammunition for the Mujahideen – more than twenty years ago.

That makes it clear: NATO is not considering any challenge to Russian and Iranian naval forces in Tartus. US-led NATO and Arab allies bank on irregular forces for their regime change effort. Plus heavy employment of special commandos and spies.

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Policy of targeted killings in Damascus

Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Sadeq, Imam of the Anas Bin Malek mosque in the al-Midane neighborhood of Damascus, was shot dead by an armed terrorist group on Thursday, February 16.

In a recent sermon, the Sunni cleric condemned calls by the opposition to sabotage Syria.

He had urged the Ulama of Damascus to sit around the same table to issue a statement appealing for an end violence, regardless of the source.

Sheikh Sadeq, who held a doctorate in Islamic law, was married and had four children, one girl and three boys.

On Saturday, February 11, unidentified gunmen had assassinated brigadier general and doctor Issa al-Khawli, director of Hamich hospital, outside his home in the northeast of the capital. The general was the father of three girls and a boy.

A report, published 3 March 2009, by the U.S. State Department’s human rights section gave a small glimpse of the practice of targeted killings in Muslim countries.

According to the document, Israeli and foreign agents sent by Mossad, in cooperation with the United States, have killed at least 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 academic figures and university professors, in addition to hundreds of pilots, officers and engineers.

The principal mission of these “death squads”, which have operated in Iraq since 2003, was to bribe Iraqi specialists and, in case of refusal, to eliminate them.

As we had anticipated in December, while it had originally applied the humanitarian military intervention scenario that had worked in Libya and Yugoslavia, NATO must review its script for Syria in the face of the double veto. Now, it’s a question of applying the same strategy which used in Iraq, i.e. weakening the country until the next opportunity to attack crops up.

Source: Voltaire Network

‘West targeting AL Syria mission’ – Western countries are trying to discredit the head of the Arab League mission to Syria

Western countries are trying to discredit the head of the Arab League mission to Syria after he described the situation in the city of Homs as ”reassuring,” a political analyst said

Director of Center for Research on Globalization Professor Michel Chossudovsky told Press TV on Wednesday that the reason behind recent remarks by a number of Western states about not trusting the Arab League mission headed by Sudanese General Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi is that he did not report what they wanted.

He also said that a campaign is already under way to discredit General Dabi, with opposition group, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, accusing Dabi of giving President Bashar al-Assad cover for crackdown.

”First of all, the foreign based Syrian opposition group initially supported the Arab League mission and in fact, they were pushing for this Arab League mission and now because the Arab League mission with 150 observers and 20 people are going to stay on have come up with a much more sort of critical assessment of what is happening, they are now saying that they do not trust the Arab League mission and they say that [they are] deeply critical of the mission saying it will simply give al-Assad cover for his crackdown”, Chossudovsky said.

He also said that Dabi’s remarks have confirmed Damascus’ view that armed groups backed by foreign countries are responsible for months of unrest in Syria.

”I think that General Dabi’s statements confirm what many independent reports have been saying for months in that the situation is one of an armed insurrection and foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state namely Syria and that the situation on the ground which the mission has observed does not correspond to what the media has been feeding us in the last few months –I am talking about the Western media– largely based on information from the Syria observatory in London which we know is supported by the Western military alliance and which is in permanent .. with the US foreign office,” he added.

Chossudovsky also blamed Turkey and the NATO for fueling unrest in Syria by supporting and funding armed groups.

Source: PressTV