israeli attack on Iran to end tel Aviv regime: Vahidi

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has warned that any military adventurism by the israeli regime against Tehran would mean self-destruction for Tel Aviv.

“The Zionist regime (Israel) knows that attacking Iran is an unattainable wish, unless the regime seeks to commit suicide,” Vahidi said on Sunday.

The Iranian defense minister denounced Israel’s military threats against Iran and its plots against Syria as Tel Aviv’s psychological warfare aimed at breaking Tel Aviv’s isolation.

Despite that, Vahidi pointed out, the Israeli regime cannot break free from historical realities and its inherent ineptitudes.  Continue reading

First pictures of Assad after Damascus attack with new Defence minister

Bashar Al Assad & Fahd al-Freij

Western media started spreading rumors of Assad fleeing to Latakia, maybe fleeing the country.

Here is the proof he didn’t. This image further exposes western media lies and fake reports. Nato countries in total despair, failing once again to carry out their psy ops !

Please spread.

“Libyan style” fake fall of Damascus. Nato disinformation campaign + suicide attacks as a last attempt to make Assad fall

By MKERone

It’s been a few days now that we can hear western news channels and radios saying that the terrorist FSA are making major pushs into the Syrian Capital Damascus.

The Syrian governement and hundreds of witnesses on the ground confirm this is a complete lie (as reported by Russia Today journalist). Though, fake news keep spreading.

This morning, in what presstitutes called the “Battle for Damascus” we learned that a sucide bomber has struck a national security building, killing the Defense Minister Daoud Abdullah Rajha and wounding many other officials.  We also noticed that the Sana website is not working and we have many reasons to believe that it was hacked. One the reasons are the threats made by the Anonymous movement, which is as we all can notice, just another tool serving the Empire.

In this article we want to point out the similarities between what’s currently happening in Damascus and what happened in Tripoli. Indeed, the exact same scenario is unfolding before our eyes: Mainstream lies and fake information about the governement forces loosing ground, military operation launched on the ground (the today bombings) and then heavy fightings in the city (that’s what the FSA has been trying to do).The main difference is that NATO is not “directly” involved in the Syrian crisis. We all know, and many reports have proven that NATO has mercenaries on the field. What we mean is that NATO doesn’t have it’s army with all its equipment on the ground as they had in Libya. This is a huge difference. Another huge difference, is that more and more people realize they’re being lied to by MSM and their governement. Hence the propaganda is harder to disseminate in the masses. (Even though a huge majority remains unaware of what’s really unfolding and relies on MSM and their corrupt leaders to “understand” the situation.)

As soon as we realized what was going on, we immediately thought about an article, written by Thierry Meyssan a few weeks ago, that warned us about such a scenario.

After the complete failure of their latest disinformation attempt (the Wikileaks “Syrian files” scam) NATO/GCC/EU/USrahell are playing their last card. It’s their last move to make Assad fall. And we all hope it will fail. And in order to foil this desperate attempt, Syrian government needs to respond with full force and avoid the FSA terrorists to implement the CIA/USarmy created scenario of Urban guerilla.