Pourquoi le Mossad est-il intervenu au Kenya ?

A l’aube de lundi 23 septembre, une force de l’armée kényane, assistée par environ vingt commandos israéliens, a lancé une deuxième attaque contre les combattants du mouvement des Shebabs somaliens, qui se retranchent dans un centre commercial depuis samedi dernier.

L’intervention militaire israélienne dans cette opération est significative, puisque c’est la première fois qu’« Israël » annonce officiellement l’envoi d’un groupe de commandos dans un pays de la Corne de l’Afrique, où l’entité sioniste a toujours démenti toute présence de ses forces. En effet, « Israël » a toujours nié avoir une présence sur le terrain dans cette région du monde, depuis l’attaque menée par les forces érythréennes contre les iles Hneich du Yémen dans les années 90 du siècle dernier, la division du Soudan, et la grande présence israélienne dans le sud de ce pays ; mais aussi depuis le lancement du barrage « Annahda », que compte construire l’Éthiopie sur le Nil Bleue, et de ce fait, menacer la sécurité stratégique de l’Égypte en matière de ressources hydrauliques.

Cette opération militaire israélienne dans la Corne de l’Afrique, en face des côtes de la Somalie où se situe un passage stratégique pour le pétrole et les marchandises, est survenue après des décennies à l’infiltration israélienne secrète et organisée dans cette importante région du monde, considérée comme la porte du Golfe et du Moyen Orient, et comme clé pour le commerce avec les pays de l’occident, notamment ceux de l’Amérique du Nord.

Les « Israéliens » ont profité de la faiblesse de l’Égypte dans les dernières décennies pour étendre leur pouvoir dans les pays de la Corne de l’Afrique. En l’absence de toute politique égyptienne vis-à-vis de l’Afrique, « Israël » a entamé ses opérations de vente d’armes, d’appui logistique et d’entrainements, et ses projets agricoles de grande envergure dans cette région.

En 2009, le ministre israélien des Affaires étrangères, Avigdor Lieberman, s’est rendu au Kenya, dans une visite visant à couronner le pouvoir israélien croissant dans ce pays.

Des journalistes africains ont indiqué à Al-Ahednews que le ministre israélien était alors accompagné d’une grande délégation d’hommes d’affaires israéliens. L’intention était d’ancrer la coopération agricole et de transmettre à l’Afrique les expertises israéliennes dans ce domaine.

Toujours selon les sources africaines, la délégation regroupait une équipe du Mossad et de l’institution Sibat, laquelle organise l’exportation des armes israéliennes. La délégation renfermait de même un représentant de la compagnie d’aviation israélienne.

Le site d’information français « La Tribune juive » avait annoncé en décembre 2012, qu’« Israël » a bâti une base militaire en Érythrée dans le but de surveiller les mouvements de l’Iran dans la mer rouge. Ce site avait attribué à des sources diplomatiques des propos, selon lesquels, des unités de la marine israélienne sont installées dans les deux golfes (Dehlok et Massawa) en Érythrée et une base d’espionnage israélienne est construite au sommet du mont « Amba Sawra ».

Les industries militaires israéliennes vendent à des pays, tel l’Éthiopie et le Kenya, des drones depuis l’année 2008, par l’intermédiaire d’un homme d’affaire israélien nommé Samuel Sterne. Cet homme dirige des affaires en Centre Afrique.

Le montant des ventes d’armes israéliennes à ces pays est estimé à 800 millions de dollars par an. L’entité sioniste vend des armes et des munitions à l’État du sud du Soudan, à l’Éthiopie et au Benin.

Source: Alahed

West gave Libya Bloodshed, Torture & Medieval Darkness


A year on since the death of Colonel Gaddafi, RT speaks with political analyst Ibrahim Alloush who thinks that it is the involvement of NATO and its allies that handed the country over to ‘a group of fanatic criminals.’

It’s as the former regime strognhold of Bani Walid is bombarded by the army in attempts to restore order in the volatile city.

RT:The tensions around Bani Walid just underline the challenges for transforming Libya into a peaceful country but despite this, was the western backed Arab Spring a success, is the country better of without Gaddafi?

Ibrahim Alloush: Well I think the picture speaks for itself. For the last three weeks Bani Walid has been lying under siege and recently it was bombarded, many civilians were killed and wounded, the city was not allowed to receive medical supplies, food or fuel for that matter. Let me remind you that several hundred people from Bani Walid have been abducted after the new regime came into power. This picture is not only restricted to Bani Walid in-fact there are several places in Libya where the so called revolutionaries, the NATO mercenaries that invaded Libya with support of NATO airplanes have kidnapped and are still keeping in jail without trial or any form of supervision, tens of thousands of supporters of Colonel Gaddafi. Also amnesty International recently demanded that the siege of Bani Walid be lifted. This siege represents a form of collective punishment that is not very different from the way the Libyan people were treated by NATO airplanes or by the so-called revolutionaries.

RT:As you pointed out, Bani Walid is indicative of how unstable the country is, and following the death of the US ambassador last month, NATO has offered its help to improve security in the country. Do you think that Western countries should now be more involved in bringing stability to this very troubled country now?

IA: I think that the involvement of Western countries was the source of trouble for Libya as a whole. We have seen that the state has become dismantled, as happened in Iraq and Somalia, wherever NATO, or US troops have walked in. There was a total implosion of the central state, and this is why you have cases like Bani Walid. If you look at it from the point of view of the rule of law, in fact, there is no rule of law in Libya, and this is the best environment for the control of states that used to be considered rogue states, as they refuse to abide by the dictates of the imperialist countries.

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Aleppo rebels encircled, bombarded

The Syrian army reports inflicting heavy losses on armed rebels holed up in several residential neighbourhoods in eastern Aleppo. It says the rebels have been besieged and heavily shelled.

The latest offensive started on Sunday afternoon after unknown terrorists detonated a powerful bomb in western Aleppo. The explosion left 29 local people dead and 65 injured. It also destroyed a hospital and two schools and badly damaged several apartment blocks.

Source: the Voice of Russia

Bernard Henri Levy. You EVIL BASTARD Warmonger. Libya. War. Afghanistan.

A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university,
a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true,
the possible, and the totally false,
a patch-work filmmaker,
a writer without a real literary oeuvre,
he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things.
BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man of the only product he really knows how to sell: himself.

Bernard-Henri Lévy (French pronunciation: [bɛʁnaʁd ɑ̃ʁi levi]; born November 5, 1948)

Lévy is proudly sephardic Jewish, and he has said that Jews ought to provide a unique Jewish moral voice in world society and world politics.

For some bizarre reason, Levy seems to be convinced that his beloved Jews-only state is an “exemplary democracy”.

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Tripoli: Images and Comments from Anissa Naouai (Russia Today)

Follow her on twitter: @AnissaNaouai

[Editor’s comment : A selction of commented images taken and tweeted by a journalist from Russia Today, who is currently in Tripoli, Libya. We inted to show you the reality there, what this NFZ brought about. We intend to show you that in no case the Nato intervention’s aim was to protect civilians! Bookmark this page since we’ll be updating it.]

October 23rd she tweeted “Mmmm….anyone think this flag is out of place on Green Square???” 

October 23rd she tweeted “This girls name is Amel…wonder if she really understands Continue reading

Alleged death of the Leader


I do not believe that the Libyan leader was in Sirte. I do not think they killed the Libyan leader.

I do not believe this photo Al jazeera who was probably ready long time ago.
U.S. does is positively and encourages advocacy of murder to kill as it seems they have done with the leader of the great tribe Warfala. If true, this is a real murder to be punished by law because this man was the most conciliatory and peaceful that you can be and a great person. Elected for a true democracy by his tribe and was representing the Libyan Tribal Council trying to reach agreements without weapons … Until the murderers have violated their home and killed them. They do not want reconciliation, but only destruction, theft, death …
They try to cut any more settlement via the bombs, death and destruction.
Only when I will read this news from a reliable and trustworthy source I will then trustit, so far I have not read more than from the ones that use to lie.
Also receiving many anonymous insulting, what makes me think they are very nervous and therefore more reason to know that is a lie. If all of the NTC are so aggressive, disrespectful and who enjoy the suffering of others, as those who write here, I can understand why Libya and the Libyans don’t want them and they can only approach Libya with bombs and death.
Source: Leonor

Libya: See the destruction of Sirte by Nato & Libyan traitors

See the destruction of Sirte (starting at 28th second). Who could possibly call himself a “revolutionary” and destroy its country and kill its fellow citizens ? This is not a revolution. It has never been. It is war! And it was planned and engineered a while ago by imperialist powers and traitors.

Put your speakers on mute. The presstitute spreads the usual propaganda. We upload this video just so you can see the destruction of this city, that was, before imperialist started, a nice and pleasant place to live.

Libya Sirte NATO bombed residential complex

Another blatant proof of Nato’s mission in Libya: destroy the country. Since Libyan people do not accept to surrender and to let white empire puppets (TNC) rule them, Nato destroys their homes, their schools, their hospitals, their shops, their roads, … They do their outmost to turn REAL LIBYANS’ lifes into hell. Hoping that they’ll accept to submit to the devil’s will that Nato is trying to impose upon them.

But, as people’s one and only leader said: To the victory or to martyrdom