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The Motive Behind the Boston False Flag Operation


By Dave Hodges, Common Sense

Any totalitarian government, such as the Obama administration needs to control the flow of information and make certain that people are left defenseless by seizing their guns. This article is about how the Obama administration has likely used the Boston Marathon bombing as a pretext to seize control over the internet, thus eliminating the only true form of uncensored news.

Gaining Control of Communications

The first step to subduing an enemy is to remove their command and control and that is accomplished by eliminating communications. This is precisely what the administration is poised to do and they are moving quickly towards this end.

If the government is going to move to shut down the medium of communication which is threatening to expose their criminality to the masses, namely the internet, they need to first find a pretext.

Obama Creates An Internet Interagency Working Group

The decided move towards controlling the internet was actually foretold earlier this year with the Obama White House announcing the creation of a new Interagency working group to address what it calls a growing problem. This new federal interagency group will be led by Quintan Wiktorowicz, who presently serves as the White House senior director for community partnerships on the national security staff. The new group will be called “The Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization” and will be tasked with the implementation of an Internet safety program to address online violent extremism. Wiktorowicz recently stated: “Violent extremist groups ─ like Al Qaeda and its affiliates and adherents, violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens” ─ are leveraging online tools and resources to propagate messages of violence and division. These groups use the Internet to disseminate propaganda, identify and groom potential recruits, and supplement their real-world recruitment efforts. Some members and supporters of these groups visit mainstream fora to see whether individuals might be recruited or encouraged to commit acts of violence, look for opportunities to draw targets into private exchanges, and exploit popular media like music videos and online video games. Although the Internet offers countless opportunities for Americans to connect, it has also provided violent extremists with access to new audiences and instruments for radicalization.”

If Wiktorowics were referring exclusively to terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, then no red flags would be raised whatsoever concerning the new program. But he never specified nor defined terms such as “violent supremacist groups” or “violent sovereign citizens.”

“Violent extremist groups ─ like Al Qaeda and its affiliates and adherents, violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens” ─ are leveraging online tools and resources to propagate messages of violence and division. These groups use the Internet to disseminate propaganda, identify and groom potential recruits, and supplement their real-world recruitment efforts. Some members and supporters of these groups visit mainstream fora to see whether individuals might be recruited or encouraged to commit acts of violence, look for opportunities to draw targets into private exchanges, and exploit popular media like music videos and online video games. Although the Internet offers countless opportunities for Americans to connect, it has also provided violent extremists with access to new audiences and instruments for radicalization.”


Wiktorowics is not referring to al Qaeda. He specifically uses the term “violent sovereign citizens.” The term “sovereign citizen” is something that I have previously warned the American public about. You would be wise to visit the following link about what constitutes a dangerous “sovereign citizen” according to this criminal government. The Tsarnaev brothers clearly fit this administration’s definition of a sovereign citizen. And where did these two “terrorists” learn to become such a threat to the country. Reportedly, they learned their terrorist ways by going to the internet.

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Leader denounces UN Security Council’s ‘flagrant dictatorship’

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei at the opening ceremony of the 16th summit of the No-Aligned Movement (NAM) in the Iranian capital, Tehran, August 30, 2012

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the US and its allies abuse the “illogical, unjust and completely undemocratic” structure of the UN Security Council to impose their bullying on the world.

“This is a flagrant form of dictatorship, which is antiquated and obsolete and whose expiry date has passed,” Ayatollah Khamenei said during an inaugural speech to the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran on Thursday.

The Leader added that the US and its accomplices protect the interests of the West in the name of “human rights”, interfere militarily in other countries in the name of “democracy” and target defenseless people in villages and cities with their bombs and weapons in the name of “combating terrorism”. Continue reading

Saudi riot police fire live rounds on Shiite protesters in Qatif – reports (VIDEO, PHOTOS): Where is US, UN outrage ?


Several demonstrators have been wounded in Saudi Arabia’s eastern district of Qatif after security forces opened fire on protesters. Officers fired live rounds at demonstrators who carried posters of those injured and arrested earlier this month.

Spokesmen for the Saudi Interior Ministry said several people were burning tires during the protests, and several arrests were made.

Among those arrested today was Mohammed al-Shakhuri, who is on a list of the country’s 23 most-wanted people, Al-Manar News reported. Witnesses said Shakhuri was taken to a military hospital with bullet wounds in his back and neck.

“There were no casualties,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

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Saudi Arabia Continues Suppressing Popular Protests

TEHRAN (Source: FNA)- Saudi security forces opened fire on demonstrators as a large number of people staged a rally in the oil-rich Eastern Province of Qatif to call for the freedom of political inmates held in the country’s jails.

Thousands of demonstrators on Friday also demanded that the Al Saud regime set free prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Nemr al-Nemr.

Sheikh Nemr was attacked, injured and arrested by Saudi security forces while driving from a farm to his house in Qatif on July 8.

Chanting slogans in support of social justice in the province, protestors asked the regime to stop killing civilians by the Saudi-backed forces in neighboring Bahrain, press tv reported.

Some of the demonstrators were also detained and some others were injured as a result of violent crackdown by the security forces, activists said.

Earlier in the week, similar demonstrations were held against the regime in the town of Awamiyah and the city of Buraydah.

Similar demonstrations have also been held in Riyadh and the holy city of Medina over the past few weeks.




In His Own Words: Obama Says He is a Constitution Violating Dictator

By Kurt Nimmo, infowars.com for The Intel Hub

Last week we reported on the increasingly dictatorial trend of the Obama administration. Now we feature a video highlighting this disturbing trend in Obama’s own words.

In the video, Obama laments that he cannot rule by authoritative fiat and bypass Congress and the American people. He states that despite laws enacted by Congress and the American people, he will do what he wants – or rather, what his globalist handlers want.

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Lessons from Hitler

By Daisy Luther at Infowars.com

It appears that Barack Obama has been reading Mein Kampf.  He must have been folding down the pages and using a yellow highlighter too, because it would be difficult for him to get much closer to the philosophies of Adolf Hitler.

In a comparison between current events and Hitler’s methodical expansion of the German Empire, it appears that our de facto government has been taking lessons from der Fuhrer.

“The Nazi party should not become a constable of public opinion, but must dominate it. It must not become a servant of the masses, but their master!”  The mainstream media has completely blacked out all things that reflect negatively on the current administration.  Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has been virtually ignored, there was very little discussion about theNational Defense Resources Preparedness order, and the drama surrounding President Obama’s lack of eligibility has been completely silenced.  People have only been presented with the candidates that are the puppets of the Elite ”acceptable” to the Elite.  The public has been soothed to be informed that the blank check prosecutorial powers of the  NDAA are to protect them from the threat domestic terrorists.

“People have killed only when they could not achieve their aim in other ways … there is a broadened strategy, with intellectual weapons … why should I demoralize the enemy by military means if I can do so better and more cheaply in other ways?” The people of America have been oppressed financially. With unemployment rates so high that even a blatant doctoring of the statistics cannot hide it, people are desperate to keep their homes out of foreclosure and feed their families.  According to Dr. Bruce Levine, a clinical psychologist ”… today, most U.S. citizens are broken by financial fears. There is potential legal debt if we speak out against a powerful authority, and all kinds of other debt if we do not comply on the job. Young people are broken by college-loan debts and fear of having no health insurance….We are also broken by a corporate-government partnership that has rendered most of us out of control when it comes to the basic necessities of life, including our food supply.”

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.” In recent Congressional testimony, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, acknowledged that the administration reserves the “right” to carry out assassinations. Investigative journalist Andrew Breitbart suffered an extremely suspicious “heart attack” just hours before the release of information that promised to damage the campaign of the President. Whistleblowers of the BP oil spill have been dropping like flies.  Dissent has become a terminal illness.

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” When your child enters the doors of the local public school, he or she is being prepared for life in the new regime.  Promoting the false environmental movement takes precedence over the “three Rs”, and sets the stage for a warm reception of Agenda 21.  Sex education starts earlier and earlier and is extremely explicit.  The children are being desensitized to invasions upon their personal privacy as they walk through metal detectors, have their lockers searched, and are constantly monitored by video cameras and even RFID chips in some schools.  They are being subjected to terror drills with villains such as “homeschoolers” and “fundamental Christians” where they are moved to locations undisclosed to parents until after the drills.  This MK Ultra style of brainwashing is not preparing our kids for successful independent lives – it’s preparing them to be good little worker bees who have no concept of resistance.

“There must be no majority decisions, but only responsible persons, and the word ‘council’ must be restored to its original meaning. Surely every man will have advisers by his side, but the decision will be made by one man.” President Obama is definitely taking this one to heart.  He frequently bypasses the Congress by signing treaties and executive orders, both of which do not require Congressional approval.  He and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have asserted that the decision to use military force will not go through Congress, but through Nato and the United Nations, despite the fact that the Constitution states that only the Congress has the authority to declare war.  In his own words, Obama said, ”We can’t wait for Congress to do its job. So where they won’t act, I will.  We’re going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without Congress.”

The real lesson from Hitler that the current regime might like to take note of, is how he ended up.  As the tide of the war began to turn, he retreated to his bunker for the final 4 months of his reign, as the Third Reich that was rapidly disintegrating before his eyes.  His most trusted advisers and officers turned against him, attempting to surrender Berlin to the allies.  Hitler’s own ally, Benito Mussolini, was executed by Italian revolutionaries.  Rather than face that fate, or even worse, surrender, Hitler and his wife were said to have committed suicide when the Soviet forces were less than 500 yards away from the bunker.. (There is some historical question whether Hitler truly died on April 30, 1945 or if he somehow escaped and lived out the rest of his life in wealthy anonymity in South America.)

For contemporary leaders taking notes from Mein Kampf, please remember that oppression begets violent revolution.  More than 77,000 Germans died resisting Hitler. The armies of the world declared war on him.  His own favored officials eventually turned against him and leaked information to the Allies that aided in the fall of Berlin.  Adolf Hitler suffered a nervous collapse and ended up defeated, powerless and eternally reviled. Despite a rip-roaring start at ruling the world, it really didn’t end very well for Hitler.

This post reposted from Daisy Luther’s blog.


Obama’s image on American flag angers vets

A group of veterans angered by an American flag bearing the image of President Barack Obama descended on the local Democratic party headquarters in central Florida and demanded it be taken down.

It was, but not before heated words were exchanged between the two sides, media reports say.

Obama’s face filled the blue-and-stars section of the flag, which was flying underneath the traditional American one on a flagpole at the Lake County Democratic Party headquarters.

“It’s a cult of personality to show his face, like Stalin or Mao,” John Masterjohn, a former Marine and retired schoolteacher from Leesburg, told the Orlando Sentinel. “It’s despicable. They don’t realize how sick they are.”

The Obama flag had been flying two months before it was noticed by Leesburg veteran Jim Bradford, who spotted it over the weekend and then sent pictures of it to friends and veterans groups.

“When I saw the picture on the flag, I thought this is wrong,” he told the Daily Commercial. “I really hate seeing the flag not being respected, and to me this was not respectful.”

He added that the issue wasn’t about politics: “I really don’t care what party it is. If it had been a picture of Romney on the flag, I would have done the same thing.”

A small group of veterans went to the office Tuesday afternoon and demanded it be removed – or they would take it down themselves. They alleged it was in violation of the federal flag code, though altering an American flag doesn’t constitute a crime, Jim Lake, an adjunct professor at the Stetson University College of Law in Tampa, told the Sentinel.

“For good reason, these folks want to encourage respect for the flag, and while such an alteration may be considered disrespectful, the federal government doesn’t allow penalties against those who disrespect the flag,” Lake said.

The federal flag code is “just standards on how civilians might use the flag,” he said, noting that the Supreme Court has ruled that those who burn or intentionally desecrate the flag are protected by the First Amendment.

Nancy Hurlbert, chairwoman of the local Democratic party, told the group that they could not remove the flag, which was given as a gift: “We are proud of our president, we’re proud of the United States, and we felt it was time to display that.”

She eventually took it down after Don Van Beck, executive director of the Veterans Memorial and a Korean War veteran, read a portion of the federal flag code that the article “should never have placed upon it or any part of it, any marks, insignia, letters, words, figures, designs, picture or drawings of any nature.”

“If somebody had just called ahead of time, we could have avoided all of this,” Hurlbert said, according to the Daily Commercial.

Van Beck said he was “sorry it had to come to this.”

“ … You don’t desecrate the flag, especially for the veterans who fought the wars and died for it. In dictatorships, they have a picture of their dictator on some of the flags, but we haven’t arrived at having a dictator, yet.”

Conservatives took to social media to decry the flag, a reproduction of which is selling on ebay for $27.

(Source: MSNBC)