US-led Syria siege prelude to dividing entire Eurasia: Analyst

File photo shows insurgents preparing to move into Salahuddin district of the northwestern Syrian city of Aleppo on August 9, 2012

The ultimate goal of the US-sponsored crisis in Syria is not simple regime change, but to divide the Arab republic as prelude to division of the entire Eurasia and maintaining US global primacy as a superpower.

“The US-sponsored siege of Syria is part of its attempts to divide Eurasia and maintain its global primacy as a superpower,” says columnist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in an article published on the Press TV website on Tuesday.

“Washington has no mercy on its friends or its foes either and countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia will eventually be used as cannon fodder,” the analyst added.

He noted that the US strategists want the area including the North Africa and Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, and India to be turned into a black hole of fighting.  Continue reading

Nabih Berri Fears Plans to Divide Syria, Lebanon

House Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed Thursday the recent reports about a plan to assassinate him. However, he added that similar plan targeted Head of LA General jean Qahwaji.

In remarks to “al-Akhbar” daily, Berri said: “This man who wants to kill might have a fake name but he is certainly someone wants to throw a burning matchstick on a flammable ground.”
He feather cautioned that “there is an international project or map prepared in advance to divide Syria.”

“This might explain the backgrounds of what’s happening in Syria and Lebanon, and in more than one place,” the Speaker said.
Moreover, Berri revealed that “a European president advised various Lebanese political parties not to object the division of Lebanon into a Switzerland-like federation.”

In remarks to “al-Akhbar” daily, Berri stressed that “fifteen days ago, the mentioned President stated that “Lebanon is moving to a Swiss federation”.”
“All political parties should be wise and not must not object such a plan because refusing it would shake Lebanon’s stability,” the speaker quoted him as saying.

“The head of the EU state,” Berri said, “added that “the fire is spreading rapidly and it would be wise to douse it in its cradle.”

Source: al-Akhbar, Translated and Edited by