OBAMA Using Wars To Repay Campaign Donors


By Kimberley Dvorak, The Examiner

As the 2012 presidential race heats up and campaign donations pour into the candidate’s war chests, voters should pay attention to the “fog of war” contributors. Last month President Obama signed an Executive Agreement, at the dismay of most Americans, to remain in Afghanistan for another 10 years. This wartime news labeled the embattled President as a flip-flopper as well as a DC insider. His once “sterling” image of “hope and change” vanished with the swipe of his presidential pen and transformed him into just another “business as usual” presidential incumbent.

Traditionally wartime presidents reap big defense contractor rewards in the form of campaign donations, and by the looks of the pre-election contributions, Obama is poised to be the winner. According to Open Secrets.org, the defense industry is hedging its bets and lavishing the incumbent president with a two-to-one margin over rival GOP presidential wannabe Mitt Romney.

Since 1999 the defense industry has more than doubled its niche in the American manufacturing sector. The industry guru’s have deduced that campaign donations of $200 million can produce a return on investment of billions in lucrative Pentagon contracts. The defense lobbying effort certainly pays out high returns and the forecast confirms smooth sailing.

So why would President Obama risk his “Nobel Peace” prize and commit more resources to the Middle East? The answer lies with big campaign donors. Obama’s new Afghan War 10-year commitment makes a lot more sense after examining his major donors. It turns out that defense contractors are among the President’s largest supporters. To be fair, the money usually follows the party in power, but it appears defense contractors are hedging their bets and donating huge sums of money to President Obama’s reelection coffers.

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