“U.S. Knew About 9/11 Warning, Staged Egypt Revolution”: Ex Egypt Interior Minister


Ex Egypt Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly

By Brandon Turbeville, ActivistPost

Over the weekend, the former Egyptian Interior Minister under Hosni Mubarak, Habib El-Adly, gave a speech at his own retrial in Cairo, Egypt. Among a number of generic statements, El-Adly made at least two bombshell claims during his testimony that have received little to no coverage in the Western press.

One of these claims was that the United States was behind the 2011 Egyptian revolution which overthrew Hosni Mubarak. The other, however, was that the Egyptian intelligence agencies and Interior Ministry received information regarding a developing terrorist operation against the United States in September, 2001 and that the Egyptians warned the United States twice ahead of time. According to El-Adly, these warnings were completely ignored.

NOTE: The translation provided below is a rough translation of the statements, not a professional one.

In his televised testimony, El-Adly stated,

In May 2001, we received information that a very huge terrorist attack will happen in the USA. How? The source of the information was inside the lair of Al-Qaeda. And we verified it, that there were preparations for the attack.

I talked to the President (Mubarak) and I told him that I have information that a huge terrorist attack will happen in the USA, and I asked him if we should tell them [the Americans]. He said “OK.”

We contacted the CIA and FBI and told them about the information, they said “Thanks.”

On August of the same year we received the information that the (operation) entered its course of implementation (is entering its final steps).
An operation like this takes time, preparations and arrangements, etc.

This conversation was recorded between us and the source. I called the President and told him the information is confirmed, “Should we tell them?” He said “Tell them.” We called the people in the USA and told them that the operation entered the course of implementation. They said “OK” and “Thanks.”
Then the attack on the WTC happened. This was the operation. Do you see how cooperative we were?!?! This is why I am furious and enraged. I cooperated with them, and in return they hit my organization and destroyed (ruined) the country (Egypt)!!!

El-Adly then continued discussing how, according to him, in 2002, Mubarak questioned President Bush about the fact that the United States was warned about the impending attack but failed to act. El-Adly stated,

President Mubarak traveled to America in 2002. When there, he told President Bush, “We told you about this attack and you didn’t pay attention.” He [Bush]said “What attack?” And How?
Bush denied that they heard about that and Mubarak insisted that they did. Mubarak called me to confirm that we informed them about the information. He asked me who did I tell? I said “The CIA people.” He said “Ok” and told Bush. It seems the CIA people told Bush that they didn’t receive any news, and Mubarak told him “no, we informed you this and that.” Then they said “Oh, yes it happened but it was only told verbally.”
What Verbally?! It seems as if they wanted to receive some written memo “we received the news blah blah blah that blah blah blah would happen.”

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US government targeting Egypt for destabilization, eventual destruction?



Is the US government targeting Egypt for destabilization – and eventual destruction?

The recent appointment of death squad organizer Robert Ford as US Ambassador to Egypt suggests as much.

Ford’s appointment sends a clear message: US policymakers want to destroy Egypt in the same way they have destroyed Iraq and Syria – by using death squads and false-flag terror to incite civil war.

According to Global Studies professor Michel Chossudovsky, Robert Ford teamed up with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to apply the “Salvador Option” in Iraq in 2004. Chossudovsky writes: “The ‘Salvador Option’ is a ‘terrorist model’ of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador (by Negroponte) in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.”

Today’s Egypt, like 1980s El Salvador, is experiencing a heyday of resistance against military dictatorship. And Egypt’s military dictatorship (like El Salvador’s 1980s junta) has already resorted to the mass murder of anti-government activists. Will Robert Ford, an expert in organizing political mass murder, help the Egyptian regime slaughter tens of thousands of peaceful protesters?

No – it’s even worse than that!

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Mass resignations at Al Jazeera over “biased” Egypt coverage

Reports suggest that 22 member of staff have resigned from the Egyptian arm of Al Jazeera after complaining of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias within the organisation

Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, the Egyptian arm of the Qatari-funded broadcaster has suffered major embarrassment today after 22 staff members walked out over accusations of bias.

The 22 staff resigned on Monday over what they alleged was coverage that was out of sync with real events in Egypt, according to a report by the Gulf News website.

Anchor Karem Mahmoud announced that the staff resigned in protest against “biased coverage” of the recent events in Egypt. He explained that there was a lack of commitment and Al Jazeera professionalism in media coverage, stating, “the management in Doha provokes sedition among the Egyptian people and has an agenda against Egypt and other Arab countries.”

Mahmoud added that the management used to instruct each staff member to favour the Muslim Brotherhood.

He said that “there are instructions to us to telecast certain news”.

In February of this year, Ghaffar Hussain, contributing editor to The Commentator wrote, “Since the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power in Egypt, Al Jazeera has done all in its power to portray the group in a favourable light. Protests against the Brotherhood-dominated regime are presented as being led by violent thugs with no political grievances, while Morsi’s poorly constructed and shallow speeches are given positive coverage.”

Haggag Salama, a correspondent of the network in Luxor, had resigned on Sunday accusing it of “airing lies and misleading viewers”. He announced his resignation in a phone-in interview with Dream 2 channel.

Meanwhile, four Egyptian members of editorial staff at Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Doha resigned in protest against what they termed a “biased editorial policy” pertaining to the events in Egypt, Ala’a Al Aioti, a news producer, told Gulf News by phone.

Original reporting by Ayman Sharif for Gulf News

Source: The Commentator

Vessel carrying weapons to Aqaba to be transfered to terrorists in Syria: Analysis by Tore

Editor’s note: We want to thank Tore (twitter account: @Potifar66 ) for this thorough analysis.
Written on Friday April the 5th. Sorry for the delay in posting.
I have found convincing proof that weapon ship was heading for Aqaba in Jordan from AIS database tracking ships. I noticed a lot of contradicting verdions  in press, found this strange and did a check. http://vessels.vtexplorer.com/vessels/list?search_text=Com+r
Destination is Jordan, Aqaba no doubt, and cargo seems to fit in with whats going on in Syria and weapon transport over Jordan border.
Where ship came from could also be found out via AIS transponder. Ship COM R is a Togo flagged ship. It came from Rotterdam via Gibraltar as Small Agt 1 in january, entered Med and port Valetta Malta.
Then disappears, but appears again Suez end february, but has now changed name to COM R. Here a registry for ship a d photos etc.
Both Reuters and AFP versions are strange and contradicting  . First it was reported by Turkish newsagency AA, then Israeli Ynet came with this fantasy of Iranian ship coming from Eilat!
Then you had Reuters who reported the name of ship  COM R
And provided version of some security firm , which naturally had to have a lot of weapons in cargo. Smells too, but more refined lying
Then you had Haretz who reported conflicting versions :
And then you had AFP who said ship came out of Israel on its way to Togo!
So why did they do everything to spread fog over the seizure of such a big cargo of weapons? Why did they avoid checking the AIS dbases that give GPS positions for all ships?
Thats was my question and found info on destination Aqaba in Jordan
This is a convincing proof , so beats the other versions, which now range from Iranian fishing boat loading weapons in Israel , to a version that weapons was meant to Syria governement ( destination Aqaba )!!! Think that one was Bloomberg.
Then today Israel FM denies any Connection to Israel:
Ships timeline before it was seized  I indicated in start of E-mail, suppose this could be elaborated better.  Take for sure it came trough Suez.
Question remains : where were weapon cargo taken onboard?
I cannot find AIS readings for ship lately, so calls of ports etc I dont know. I guess they loaded In Some Saudi port after Suez  .In this waters i fairly normal to switch of AIS transponders to not be spotted by pirats.
But what if this was not a Saudi Port? I am just speculating , but what if this was a British/French weapons cargo? That would explain the extreme confusion now spread by media? Sort of a real scandal it would be if Hollande and Cameron was involved in a breach of EU embargo?
Tweets from TORE

Tweets from TORE

Thats more or less what i got on a haste. Looking forward to see developments here

Egyptian Media Mogul Goes on a Rant about Syria: All Free Syrians Should Back Assad

Egyptian media mogul, Tawfik Okasha, owner of the anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian channel al-Fara’een, went on a loud rant about the Syrian crisis, blaming the Mainstream Media of being complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood in feeding the Egyptian people lies about the Syrian crisis. He calls for all free Syrians to back President Bashar al-Assad as the issue is not about him but goes beyond to include the destruction of Syria and its transformation into three weaker states incapable of confronting Israel.

Egyptian judges go on strike over Morsi decree

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian judges have begun a nationwide strike to protest against President Mohamed Morsi’s new decree, which gives him sweeping powers and places him beyond judicial oversight.

During an emergency meeting on Saturday night, the Judges’ Club, a body representing judges across Egypt, denounced Morsi’s presidential decree and announced the immediate “suspension of work in all courts and prosecution administrations,” AFP reported.

Many judges chanted anti-Morsi slogans and called for the “downfall of the regime.” They also demanded that the president rescind the decree.

On November 22, Morsi issued a decree declaring that no judicial body can dissolve Egypt’s Constituent Assembly, which is currently writing a new constitution.

The decree allows the president to take “any decision or measure to protect the revolution.” It also makes decisions and laws issued by the president “final and not subject to appeal.”

Earlier in the day, Egypt’s highest judicial authority, the Supreme Judicial Council, issued a statement saying that the new decree is “an unprecedented attack on the independence of the judiciary and its rulings.”  Continue reading

Protesters set fire to Morsi party’s headquarters in three cities

A young Egyptian protester throws a Molotov cocktail into a building during clashes in the capital, Cairo, on November 22, 2012.


Furious Egyptians have set ablaze the headquarters of President Mohamed Morsi’s party in three cities in protest to a constitutional declaration that gives the president unlimited powers.

Offices of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, were torched on Friday in the canal cities of Suez, Ismailiya and Port Said, according to the Egyptian state television.

The FJP office in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria was also stormed, leading to the outbreak of clashes between protesters and Morsi’s supporters.

Morsi issued a new declaration on Thursday, under which no judicial body can dissolve Egypt’s Constituent Assembly that is currently writing a new constitution.

The declaration allows the president to take “any decision or measure to protect the revolution.” It also considers decisions and laws issued by the president as “final and not subject to appeal.”

The move drew calls for nationwide protests from opposition forces who branded the declaration as “a coup against legitimacy” and “a major blow on the revolution that could have dire consequences.”

Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace prize laureate and the former director general of International Atomic Energy Agency, said Morsi had “usurped all state powers and appointed himself Egypt’s new pharaoh.” Continue reading