Vessel carrying weapons to Aqaba to be transfered to terrorists in Syria: Analysis by Tore

Editor’s note: We want to thank Tore (twitter account: @Potifar66 ) for this thorough analysis.
Written on Friday April the 5th. Sorry for the delay in posting.
I have found convincing proof that weapon ship was heading for Aqaba in Jordan from AIS database tracking ships. I noticed a lot of contradicting verdions  in press, found this strange and did a check.
Destination is Jordan, Aqaba no doubt, and cargo seems to fit in with whats going on in Syria and weapon transport over Jordan border.
Where ship came from could also be found out via AIS transponder. Ship COM R is a Togo flagged ship. It came from Rotterdam via Gibraltar as Small Agt 1 in january, entered Med and port Valetta Malta.
Then disappears, but appears again Suez end february, but has now changed name to COM R. Here a registry for ship a d photos etc.
Both Reuters and AFP versions are strange and contradicting  . First it was reported by Turkish newsagency AA, then Israeli Ynet came with this fantasy of Iranian ship coming from Eilat!
Then you had Reuters who reported the name of ship  COM R
And provided version of some security firm , which naturally had to have a lot of weapons in cargo. Smells too, but more refined lying
Then you had Haretz who reported conflicting versions :
And then you had AFP who said ship came out of Israel on its way to Togo!
So why did they do everything to spread fog over the seizure of such a big cargo of weapons? Why did they avoid checking the AIS dbases that give GPS positions for all ships?
Thats was my question and found info on destination Aqaba in Jordan
This is a convincing proof , so beats the other versions, which now range from Iranian fishing boat loading weapons in Israel , to a version that weapons was meant to Syria governement ( destination Aqaba )!!! Think that one was Bloomberg.
Then today Israel FM denies any Connection to Israel:
Ships timeline before it was seized  I indicated in start of E-mail, suppose this could be elaborated better.  Take for sure it came trough Suez.
Question remains : where were weapon cargo taken onboard?
I cannot find AIS readings for ship lately, so calls of ports etc I dont know. I guess they loaded In Some Saudi port after Suez  .In this waters i fairly normal to switch of AIS transponders to not be spotted by pirats.
But what if this was not a Saudi Port? I am just speculating , but what if this was a British/French weapons cargo? That would explain the extreme confusion now spread by media? Sort of a real scandal it would be if Hollande and Cameron was involved in a breach of EU embargo?
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Tweets from TORE

Thats more or less what i got on a haste. Looking forward to see developments here