Libya: The Horror…the Horror!

Los desastres de la guerra: Estragos de la guerra by Francisco Goya

Horror is being inflicted on a nation of 6.5 million people to rob them of their freedom, their wealth, their natural resources, their piece of land. Contrary to the Viet Nam war, where the atrocities committed by France & the US armies against civilians were widely known only after years of conflict & hundreds of thousands exterminated, the atrocities committed in Libya are been documented & mass distributed since day one. A horrifying catalog of human depravity can be seen in YouTube. Testimony accounts are still scarce & fragmentary but it seems clear by now that many people have lost their sense of humanity & are killing or running for their lives if not trapped in impossible situations. Confronted with such events any informed viewer has the moral obligation to call out loud for a complete cease fire & an end to the hostilities by all parts involved in Libya. Not to politicians, media or NGOs but to his/her community & the people who can propagate the message. The urgent task in Europe is to raise awareness of the disasters of the war in Libya and how they could & should be stopped immediately through any of the plans proposed by Libyans & different international actors. The only party who persists in continuing hostilities & systematically rejects negotiations is NATO. NATO stands, as of today, as the major obstacle to peace in Libya. For how long? It will depend on us. If it would be left to NATO, Libyans will be fighting for years like in Iraq & Afghanistan. Not again.

Kurtz: The horror…the horror!