Demise of Bin Laden: a delusional tale

“We, uh, threw him in the ocean when nobody was looking…because….because….well, it’s an Islamic custom!”


By Kevin Barrett, Truthjihad for Press TV

This fake “dead Bin Laden” image was spammed all over the world by the psy-oppers who orchestrated the “death of Bin Laden” hoax.

The “we killed Osama bin Laden, really we did” story is getting more and more bizarre.

On May 2nd, 2011, just hours after the news of the alleged Bin Laden killing was reported, I published a piece that has since gone viral and become something of an underground classic:

“Death of Bin Laden”: A Spectral Human Sacrifice

In that article, I predicted:
“Whatever evidence they produce identifying the ghost or double as ‘Bin Laden’ will probably have the same chain of custody as the Fatty Bin Laden ‘confession video’ of December 2001 – that is, no chain of custody whatsoever.”

Some of my friends thought I was going out on a limb. Surely, they insisted, the US military hoaxers would take the trouble to manufacture some plausible-looking “evidence” that they had actually killed the world’s biggest bogeyman. After all, billions of people worldwide believed the news reports, published in Pakistan, Egypt, and elsewhere, that Bid Laden died of kidney failure in December, 2001.

I disagreed with my friends. The terror-hoaxers have shown us that they are incapable of manufacturing plausible-looking evidence. Instead, they offer absurd, blatantly-fabricated pseudo-evidence so ridiculous that one suspects they are laughing at the public for believing it.

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Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

State of the Nation 2012

Did he have any legal or ethical basis to assassinate Osama bin Laden?

Or is Obama just okay being a cold-blooded murderer?

Really, what’s wrong with this picture?

Obama et al. watching the live staged execution of the supposed Osama bin Laden

Here you see the President of the United States of America witness the murder of a man which he himself ordered while the rest of his executive team watches the live, fabricated event. Of course, this staged killing could only take place after the global hegemon (that would be the USA) took the unlawful step of entering a sovereign nation and conducted the assassination without the slightest notice to Pakistan, the harboring nation.

Can it get any more surrealistic than that?! Or, cynical when you consider the timing of this gruesome and illegal killing?

Let’s see, the cold-blooded murder of Osama bin Laden was executed literally 4 days after his forged birth certificate was fraudulently posted on an official White House website on April 27th, 2011? Which was done only because of the extraordinary pressure exerted by Donald Trump on Obama to show the country his real birth certificate. Notice the April 27th date on the news release below.

Obama releases original long-form birth certificate

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MO of the Manchurian Candidate Obama


State Of The Nation

What are the obvious signs of a Manchurian Candidate?

When a presidential candidate, who is also a sitting president, has committed a serious crime in plain sight, the red flags go up all over playing field.

How so?

Such a President becomes quite vulnerable to political blackmail, extortion and shakedowns which could not occur with one who is squeaky clean. In fact, Barack Obama is so vulnerable because at any moment his world can be turned completely upside down with one well-placed article in the NYT or WashPo, or news story on CNN or MSNBC.

Wasn’t this the main concern about Bill Clinton’s indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky. Love him or hate him, the best thing that ever happened to the Clinton presidency was the outing of his affair. Because he was no longer susceptible to the political strong arming which was coming at him from every direction.

Herein lies the real problem with Barack Obama. Simply put, if everyone truly understood the severity and number of crime(s) that have been committed in the process of posting a fraudulent birth certificate on an official White House website, he would no longer be there, be here, be anywhere. He’d be toast!

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