Misleading Sides Fabricate Spoof Email in the Name of SANA to circulate FAKE NEWS

Misleading Sides Fabricate Spoof Email in the Name of SANA, Circulate Baseless News on Deposing Vice-President Shara


Aug 25, 2012

In the framework of the media war launched against Syria, misleading sides have created a spoof email address named (sana@sana.sy) via which they circulated baseless and untrue news on the issuance of a presidential decree stipulating for deposing Vice-President Farouq al-Sharaa after he went out of the country.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) stresses that this email is fabricated, and it does not belong to the agency.
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WESTERN PSY-OPS AGAINST SYRIA: When Mrs Assad’s “Shopping” Becomes a “Crime Against Humanity”

Michelle Obama, the fashion style icon wife of US President Obama, is to have travel sanctions imposed on her by member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, including Russia, China and SCO associate state Iran.

Mrs Obama’s annual six-figure budget for designer clothes and accessories is seen as an affront to moral decency at a time when her husband is overseeing foreign wars of aggression, mass murder in several territories using aerial drones, and ordering the assassination of individuals such as nuclear scientists in Iran.

The equally fashionista-conscious wives of British and French premiers, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy, are also reportedly lined up for sanctions in several Middle East and Central Asian countries owing to these leaders supporting the illegal and murderous US-led NATO bombing campaign on Libya.

By now, the reader will have spotted the above “report” to be a spoof.

However, when it comes to the real world, the European Union is applying such unprecedented measures against the wife of Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad.  Continue reading