CIA feeding intelligence information to rebel terrorists in Syria

American spy satellites have been listening in on communications from Syrian government forces and passing the intelligence to rebels through spies on the ground, according to various British media reports.

The reports suggest that the American intelligence agencies has been vacuuming up large amounts of data through satellite eavesdropping, gone through and is then fed to Syrian rebels by agents of the spy agencies, MI6 and CIA, already deployed in Syria.

How extensive is the spying? Well, supposedly “Syrian generals giving orders(on the ground) can be -pinpointed within yards and identified by voice recognition techniques,” the Daily Star quoted a British defense source as saying. The Daily Star Sunday online magazine said the British and US¬satellites pass on photos and plans of regular army movements to the Syrian opposition chiefs through the British foreign security apparatus (MI6) and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers who have infiltrated Syria. They are working hand in hand with the rebels to overthrow the regime. Continue reading

Terrorist Explosion in al-Midan Quarter in Damascus Causes Tens of Civilian and Security Victims

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – A terrorist explosion on Friday hit al-Midan quarter in Damascus, causing tens of victims among civilians and law-enforcement forces, the majority were civilians.

The explosion took place near Hassan al-Hakeem Basic Education School.

Preliminary information indicated that a suicide bomber exploded himself at a traffic light in al-Midan quarter in a densely populated area that witnesses heavy traffic movement.

The initial death toll is estimated at 25 martyrs, including the remains of 15 martyrs, and 46 injured, most of them civilians.

Source: Sana