High figure of FSA defects to engage in dialogue with government

Damascus – The Colonel Khalid Abed al-Rahamn al-Zalem, founder and commander of several armed groups, and several officers announced about their defection from Free Army and cooperation with Syrian authorities to resolve conflict through dialogue. The announcement comes amid a Conference for the Syrian Opposition in Damascus.

Source: Syria 24 English

Syrian Army takes control over areas in Aleppo

Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army

Always in Aleppo, The Syrian Arab Army continues in cleansing the city of terrorism.

Media sources reported that the Syrian Army and after engaging in severe clashes, took control over al-A’damiah and al-Mashehad neighborhoods.

The armed conflict left large number of deaths and injuries among the terrorists of Free Army. Continue reading

Terrorists perpetrate a massacre against 20 in Damascus

Terrorists in Damascus

Media Sources reported that an armed group has committed a massacre against 20 of Syrian Army soldiers, security forces and pro-government civilians.

The killed were abducted earlier.

They have been thrown in al-Malky Street, located in between al-Yarmouk and al-Tadamon.

Sources said that the massacre has been filmed the whole masscare in preparation to exploit on media outlets, accusing the Syrian Army of doing the massacre.

The source has revealed the identities of two terrorists named Ahmad Swaidan and a terrorist called al-Saadan. Continue reading

Chavez condemns West for supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says Caracas backs Russia and China in dealing with the issue of Syria’s unrest, condemning the West for funding “terrorists to destabilize” the Middle Eastern country.

Chavez made the remarks during a news conference upon his return from a trip to Brazil, stressing that Damascus should solve its problems.

“Of course, we share the position of Russia and China, our allies, that Syria’s sovereignty be respected and that if Syria has problems, that Syrians be the ones to solve them in a peaceful manner.”

On July 19, Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution against Syria for the third time.  Continue reading